Summer may still be way too far away to start thinking about bikinis and beaches and all that jazz. However, if you feel like Christmas and other big family gatherings have added a bit of weight here and there, you know what to do, right? Bingo: begin a plan that will help you get back in shape. Losing weight shouldn’t be only about fitting into your beloved pair of pants or t-shirt again. It’s more about having a healthy glow and feeling good in your own skin. If you don’t have any sort of motivation to say goodbye to what makes you feel bad about yourself, we have top 16 successful weight loss stories to inspire you on your journey.

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A lot has been said on the subject of weight loss in countless magazines, newspapers, and books. There’s still more to be added. Take, for one, choosing the best weight loss program for people ranging from teenagers to adults. But that’s not the only topic of discussion for both women and men. There are also the different ways to shed extra pounds, such as metabolic weight loss.

Weight Loss Stories Women Should Hear about

Ladies, we bet you’ve already admired other women for their toned and healthy bodies. The latter come either as a gift from mother nature or their owners worked very hard to make heads turn around, and don’t use “genetics” as an excuse, you can always start your own plan of losing those unwanted pounds. Just make sure that you take before & after pictures to keep track of the progress of your weight loss challenge. Now on to some examples of successful diet stories different women want to share with us.

  • Chelsea Jackson – she’s 33 and lives in Atlanta. She used to weigh 195 lbs., and now she’s at a weight of 140 lbs. Taking long walks or running in the park wasn’t that successful for her. This African beauty decided to do something about it, so she started eating clean food. Chelsea’s weight loss routine also included exercise programs done every day. She is now back to her pre-college figure and proud of it.
  • Kimberly Linham – she’s another successful example of weight loss, especially since she went from 235 lbs. to 140 lbs. This 36-year-old American mom is from VA. She ended up with a toned body thanks to a strict workout routine. Her favorite exercises are walking the treadmill and taking up Zumba classes. This was combined with a steady diet made of all sorts of healthy things. For her, eating one raspberry a day, coconuts and apples, as well as plenty of raw food, worked like a charm.

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  • Barbara Delamarter – She currently resides in Virginia Beach and she used to weight 185 lbs. This 38-year-old woman shed pounds by taking up running. Before she starts her daily workout routine, she opens her smartphone and taps a very useful app called MyFitnessPal.
  • Lisa Adelman – Hailing from Massachusetts, 49-year-old Lisa used to be very uncomfortable about her size 14-16. She’s currently a size 6 and “blames” this success on a simple fact: signing up for a 13.1-mile walk. Not for nothing, though: she did it to help cancer research. To be as ready as possible for her goal, this lady trained for a total of 10 months.
  • Nanette DeGroat – a 40-year-old high school math teacher went from 205 pounds down 150 in 65 days, and went from a size 18 down to an 8.  She tried many diets but found the HCG protocol to be the plan that changed her life, metabolism, and habits.  She always says that diets don’t change why we eat, but the right one can at least help you gain some self-confidence and self-respect back.  This in turn can help clear the mind so that you are willing to look at the reasons why you are eating.
  • Heather Harvey – 38 and proud of her size 6-8 body. This lady used to be a size 18-20, but with determination and medical advice, she went back to the slim shape she had before her wedding. Exercise also played a huge role in her success story. Writing down day-to-day calorie intake is another suggestion she has for women who want to lose weight. You can read more about her tips & tricks by buying her books.

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  • Julia Gressick – wants to help other women who struggle with weight problems. This 28-year-old from Wisconsin was beginning to worry about her body and she didn’t want to go through surgery to be rid of her extra pounds. To go from 223 lbs. to 130 lbs., Julia began to eat at regular times with the help of Nutrisystem. The program was paired with daily exercise like walking and running. To celebrate losing weight, she participated in a marathon, the first for her.
  • Petrita Red – the best method for her to go from 274 lbsto 162 lbs. was to aim for a healthier lifestyle. Veggies, fruit, and workouts such as kickboxing and jogging also did the trick.
  • Peggy Bradford – she lost 73 lbs. by eating one serving of everything. Whenever she feels the need to eat again, Peggy goes for fruit instead. Exercise is part of her weight loss program, too.
  • Rosie Mercado – this model’s body used to have 65-inch hips. Not one to be happy about that, Rosie’s life took a turn 5 years ago. A personal trainer was hired and she began to exercise 6 days a week. Her diet consisted of fruits, veggies, and lean protein. A combination that was enough to help Rosie return to a better quality of life.

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Are these 10 successful weight loss stories a good motivator for you, ladies? If you decide to let them be an inspiration for your personal weight loss adventure, we hope you’ll feel great in your own skin very soon!

Low Carb Weight Loss Stories Men Should Follow

Low carb and Atkins go hand in hand for guys who want to show their toned bodies on the beach or in the bedroom. Before we get to that, though, you should know that a diet rich in carbs is essential for your weight loss plans. If that doesn’t happen, ketones will be produced. This means that your body starts to break down fat to get energy. Here are some success weight loss stories based on the Atkins and LCHF methods, with various workout programs in-between:

  • Patrick – a low carb diet helped him go from 308 lbs. to 207 lbs.
  • Paul Hanni – this 49-year-old from Virginia got rid of 180 lbs. and he’s confident he’ll lose another 45 lbs. in time for his upcoming wedding.
  • Josh Christensen – he felt he needed to pick up exercising again to lose some pounds. A friend recommended DailyBurn and their training programs. In a very short time, Josh managed to define and build his muscles. He had to give up fried meals, rich sauces, and the like. Instead of eating those, Josh started to include mustard, vinegar, and spices to his diet.

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  • Justin Sottile-Jackson – the Atkins diet program did wonders for him. Residing in Maryland, Justin used to weigh 344 lbs at 17. His Italian roots meant eating a lot of bread and pasta in the past. To lose weight, he had to swap that for food low in carbohydrates.
  • John McGrath – a 55-year-old businessman from Western Sydney, he knew he had to do something about his weight. His diet was 100% made of carb-heavy foods and lots of beer. 5 years ago, John weighed 264 lbs. With diabetes looming closer and closer, he needed to eat clean and hit the gym 5 times a week. Five years later, he’s a completely changed man.
  • Grant Taylor – this Sydney native is 46. Not too long ago, his weight was a very unhealthy 481 lbs. Afraid of serious problems, he went for a complete change of diet. Sugar and starchy carbs were the first to be eliminated. Fruit and vegetables soon became the norm diet-wise. Various workout routines came next, with tabata, weights, boxing and CrossFit being only some of them. The initial weight started to go down until he was 225 lbs slimmer. And Grant doesn’t want to stop until he sheds more weight.

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Metformin Weight Loss Success Stories

Herbalife is ideal for people with weight problems who want to solve them using all-natural products. When you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes, you must be extra careful with what your body receives, especially in the fight against too many pounds. Herbalife, for example, have something called Formula 1 Healthy Meal Nutritional Shake Mix. If you’re a diabetic and you don’t want to try that, you should rely on exercising and the intake of food you know is healthy for you. Like veggies and fruit. Metformin is a great alternative to traditional medication for overweight women and men.

Should you want to hear about weight loss success stories from people who have taken metformin, a couple of good places to start are here and here. There’s also talk of Paleo in the first link, so be sure to check it out.

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