It might sound incredible to many of you women and men out there, but it’s very easy to lose weight. You probably think it takes years for your body to eliminate those pounds it accumulated over 2 months or 5-10 years. Celebrated author Allen Carr knows that nothing’s impossible. His books are truly inspirational because they don’t have great advice just for smokers. One of his creations called “Easyweigh to Lose Weight” goes to show that burning fat is very easy, no matter if you’re an adult or a teenager.

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Easy Ways to Lose Weight Fast

If you’re a man or a woman with kids, you know how important it is to keep them healthy. However, they’re not the only ones you should take care of. You are equally prone to problems if you weigh more than is normal for your age, gender, height or lifestyle. That is why having someone to guide you in the ways of shedding weight is of the essence.

There are plenty of fast and easy ways to lose weight. You’re free to try them out at home and see results without having to buy a gym membership or pay hundreds of dollars for special foods. But be aware: whatever method you choose to use, it won’t help you burn fat in a week. In some cases, it might take a month for something to change for the better. Other times you need to be patient. But working super hard toward your goal will certainly pay off, we assure you. Here are our top 18 easy ways to lose weight without exercise:

  • Be sure to drink enough water – for best results, drink half your body weight in ounces daily. When your body gets its ideal share of water, you’ll notice that fat is burned at a faster rate.
  • Eat hot pepper – it contains something called Capsaicin. This is a compound which is great for helping the metabolism burn calories quickly. An added bonus: hot pepper diminishes appetite.

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  • Avoid eating meals that are too salty and sugar/artificial sweeteners – this should tell you that you need to put a stop to soup and other foods that are rich in sodium. 2,400 milligrams of salt a day is the ideal amount you can consume.  Our bodies only need about 3-4 teaspoons (12-16 grams) of sugar per day.  Read labels! Anything with an “ose” is a sugar. (sucralose is toxic)
  • Control portions – a very important ally in the fight for a slim body. When dieting, counting calories should be a natural prerequisite. This is a safe method of knowing how much bad stuff goes in because only the good one should be there. A great online calculator you can use is over here.
  • Time your meals and snacks – once you do that, the risk of going hungry too long without realizing will be very low. Under no circumstance should you starve yourself to lose weight. That has the exact opposite effect on your metabolism.
  • Sleep more than you normally do – if you rest only 4-5 hours each night, you’ll eventually start to put on weight. In case you’re a new mom and you don’t want your baby to go through that and become an overweight adult in the future, make sure they sleep 16-18 hours. Grown people must rest 7-9 hours every night. Doing this will tell your body not to eat as much.

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  • Eat in the morning, at noon and at night – breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But lunch and dinner are also essential. So don’t skip one or all of them. If you do, all your efforts of losing weight will go down the drain. Your metabolism doesn’t need to slow down because of your bad decisions.  And remember, your digestion system starts shutting down around 7 pm, so don’t eat after 7pm
  • Dark chocolate in, cookies out – the next time you crave some cake, grab a bar of this chocolate variety. It’s an acquired taste, but you’ll love its ability to curb your sugar needs.
  • Only vegetables and fruits are allowed – eat every kind you can find. An unhealthy gain of fat will soon be reversed.
  • Green tea  – you can do no wrong with this one.
  • Make sure you eat seated – your food should fit a small plate. No more late night snacks in front of the fridge. And replace energizers with water or tea the next time you have to stay up late. Also, keep nuts close by if you want to watch movies or study at hours other people are long asleep.
  • Chew your food – this might sound ridiculous and elementary, but the next time you go out, watch a few people around you and count how many times they chew before they swallow their food.  I bet it’s only around 8-12 times.  We should chew our food till it’s almost liquefied (around 25 chews before actually swallowing).  This action activates saliva which contains extremely beneficial digestive enzymes that we need to digest properly.  So start taking smaller bites and chew your food, you’ll get more nutrients and better digestion if you do, and you won’t be hungry later because your body received more nutrients from your food just by taking your time and chewing.

Easy Ways to Lose Weight for Teenagers

A lot of parents like to complain about teenagers and how many of them are overweight. If you have one at home and don’t know how to encourage them to become healthy, we have several methods.

  • Tell them to exercise every day before they eat breakfast. Workouts should be light and fun. They can do a bit of stretching or centering type of exercises like yoga or Qigong  before school, this will also help with their focus.
  • Help them make a weekly or a monthly plan and stick to it. A diet, especially in the case of a teenager, can be a tedious affair. So preparation is key. A dietitian will give them the most appropriate advice for their age, but you are more than capable of doing your own research as well, so don’t just leave it up to the “experts.” There is no expert of your body better than you.

weight loss for teenagers

  • Set up a goal – simple is the key word here. Tell your teen to begin the weight loss program by climbing stairs instead of taking the elevator at school. Let them come up with their own rewards that the two of you can agree on. Making goals that entails too many changes at once isn’t realistic.
  • Encourage them to consume fruits. Vegetables also need to be on the menu.
  • Recommend eating 3 meals a day at the table instead of only one while standing.
  • Have them Pack their own lunch – shops and cafeterias don’t offer healthy meals, so make sure the two of you agree on healthy choices and make sure you have your fridge and shelves stocked.

Losing weight fast is a goal that’s very easy to achieve. No matter if you are an adult or a teenager, shedding weight can be done. Exercising, eating healthy foods, and drinking non-alcoholic beverages are some of the easiest ways to burn all that excess fat away.

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