If you are not already familiar with the concept, detox drinks refer to waters, juices, smoothies, teas, and other liquids that are said to aid the body through a natural cleanse. Detox drinks are used for numerous purposes, but some of the most popular are detox drinks for weight loss. There are countless recipes for homemade detox drinks that combine healthy ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices. Following a diet by drinking detox drinks is said to help you lose weight. How? Those who consume detox drinks state that it helps flush the toxins out of your body and speed up the weight loss process.

detox drinks and smoothies

If you want to make your own detox drinks for weight loss, cleansing your liver, or just getting a good dose of vitamins and minerals, you can look into our guide to detox drinks. You will find answers to questions like ‘do detox drinks work?’ or ‘what is the best detox drink?’, and you will see what ingredients you need to buy for making your detox drinks at home. Don’t forget to combine detox drinks with additional ways to lose weight fast and safely. Enjoy!

Do Detox Drinks Work?

When it comes to the question ‘do detox drinks work?’, there will always be a wide range of answers from members of different communities. Individuals or famous practitioners (such as Jillian Michaels), who have adopted a holistic approach to weight loss and health, will state that detox drinks indeed work and that they will aid the body in getting the water content it needs, getting rid of toxins and losing weight, according to reviews. On the other hand, various members of the medical community do not believe that going on diets of detox drinks will result in weight loss.

However, nutrient-rich ingredients used in detox drinks (like vinegar, Epsom salts, cucumber, cayenne pepper, kale, and other vegetables or fruits) will certainly do no harm to your body. If you decide to go on a detox drinks diet, just make sure that you are not pushing your body towards starvation by consuming only these drinks. One of the upsides of detox drinks is that they’re fast and easy to make. You won’t even need a total hour for a detox drinks recipe.

What is the Best Detox Drink?

Almost all individuals who are interested in this topic ask about the best detox drink. Where can you find it? Does the stuff exist? We can’t speak of a single detox drink as being the best solution available, but rather multiple options of detox drinks filled with vitamins and minerals. What you can do is a bit of personal research on the fruits, vegetables, and spices that have the most nutrients, properties, and health benefits and see how you can combine them for a tasteful result. The options are limitless, but you can get started with the 5 detox drinks for weight loss that we have described below.

*Note:  if you are watching your weight or have to monitor blood sugar levels, please limit the amount of fruit you put into a drink.  Using the blender to process the fruit takes from the body process work that naturally occurs when eating fresh and veggies.  If you need to sweeten a drink and you have added a fruit, try using a high quality stevia product.  BUT, read the label and make sure it has stevia only – no “ose” ingredients are necessary if the company is using real stevia.

Detox Drinks for Weight Loss

1. Grapefruit and Avocado Detox Drinks

grepefruit and avocado

While the main ingredients of this detox drink are avocado and grapefruit, there are also a few other additions that will boost the taste and healthiness of the resulted smoothie. For two drinks, all you have to do is take freshly squeezed grapefruit juice (one cup) and orange juice (1/2 cup), half of an avocado, one cup of strawberries (frozen or fresh will work fine), ¾ cup of banana and ¼ cup of ice. (Stevia if necessary) Blend all of the ingredients together and enjoy.

2. Turmeric, Ginger and Lemon Detox Drinks

This detox drink takes the powerful properties of turmeric, ginger, cayenne, and lemon and mixes them all into one. For one batch of these detox drinks, you need to juice half of one small lemon, half a teaspoon each of turmeric and ginger (powdered), one teaspoon of honey (raw, organic) or 3 drops of stevia, a bit of cayenne and black pepper, and two cups each of hot and cold water. Just as two cups of water start boiling, add all of the ingredients.

3. Rainbow Vegetable Detox Drinks

vegetable rainbow

These detox drinks are associated with the terms ‘rainbow vegetables’ because they literally include ingredients in almost all colors of the rainbow. Ingredients: four sliced tomatoes, three medium-sized sliced carrots, two peeled lemons, two heads of Romaine lettuce, two sliced red bell peppers, one chopped cucumber, one bunch of celery, one inch of ginger root, and a big handful each of cilantro and parsley. Juice all of the ingredients together. This recipe will leave you with roughly three pints of rainbow vegetable detox drinks.

4. Fruit & Veggie Mix Orange Detox Drinks

Orange is the main color of these detox drinks, even though the fruits aren’t included in the list of ingredients. As opposed to many other detox drinks, you will need just four ingredients to juice together for a tasty and healthy result. You will need five limes, two carrots (chopped into large pieces), two apples (sliced into quarters), and one stalk celery. After you juice the ingredients, you can serve with ice.

5. All Green Detox Drinks

green vegetables

Remember when you were younger and your mother would always tell you to eat your greens? Well, she had a very good reason for doing so. Greens are some of the most nutrient-packed vegetables available, which is one of the reasons why all green detox drinks are so popular. You can switch the ingredients around according to what you have at hand, but these are the main ones to work with: baby spinach (four cups), one cucumber, the juice from half of a lemon, six collard leaves, and half a bunch each of parsley and cilantro. Take all of the ingredients besides the lemon juice and juice them at a low speed. At the end, mix in the lemon juice and enjoy on the spot. As an option for adding fruit, you can combine two apples into the juicer.

*Note: Whenever buying KALE, buy organic!  It is the most highly pesticide sprayed green vegetable in North America.  Please do your own research on where your veggies are coming from. If you can join a CSA or buy from local farms in your area, please do so.  Ask the farmer if uses pesticides or weeds by hand.  For an up to date list check out “Dirty Dozen/Clean Fifteen”

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