In my opinion, these are just some of Top stupid tips for people trying to lose weight.

Use diet soda, diet food, or “sugar-free” types of substitutions to help lose weight.

Diet soda

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  • Although you are eliminating sugar and eating fewer calories by consuming these types of choices, you must look at the other ingredients listed.  Many of the ingredients in these foods are chemicals, preservatives, processed and food dyes. There may be ingredients you have to google and wonder if you should swallow it or use to clean the rings off your toilet bowl.

Don’t use the scale every day

Don’t use the scale every day

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  • I understand that many people (mostly women) have a scale phobia. In my 22 years of dieting and trying to lose weight, I threw out 3 scales (that worked).  I was frustrated with what I saw, I tried for weeks on end and that dial never moved, or even worse, I cut back and the dial went up!  Now that I am a thinner healthier me, I use the scale every day.  The scale is not my success-o-meter.  It is not showing me how confident I am, beautiful I am, loving I am!

But, you know what it does do? It gives me an idea of how the outside world affects me.  The outside world includes stress, food, water, sleep, exercise etc.  Also, if we watch our weight daily, we can more easily pinpoint what might have affected us negatively.  The other reason why I instruct my clients to use the scale daily is to hold them accountable for their choices.  If they choose foods that did not support their health goals, they need to own it and do something positive about it right away – not wait till their weekly weigh-in and then damage could be worse than seeing it the first day it happened.  Please know, no workout routine can undo bad nutrition.

“Make sure to drink eight; 8 oz of water daily”

  • The human body needs 72 oz of water daily just to function. It’s used to make tears, sweat, kidney function cleansing the blood 3 times a day, etc. We always have our clients drink half their body weight in water in ounces daily. 90 oz minimum for women, or 96 oz minimum for men.  When trying to lose weight you need more water than just minimum 72 oz.  When you cut calories and/or add exercise, the abnormal fat in the body needs to be cleaned and those impurities need to be flushed out.  Not drinking enough water during a weight loss program is the first reason why people don’t have success.

Calories in calories out, if you eat less and exercise more you’ll lose weight

  • This is the most ridiculous thing you could ever say to someone who is overweight. I was eating brown rice, chicken, and broccoli for a month straight and jumping on a treadmill 3-4 times a week. Gained 5 pounds! I was a big fat hamster on a treadmill – and NO it wasn’t muscle.  Here’s the thing,  I am not saying that people don’t need to cut back on their calories or add in more movement.  But, if this “eat less – exercise more” theory was true, there would be a lot less overweight people in this country.  Think about it, there are no calories in diet soda, meanwhile, weight gain is associated with diet soda.  When toxins come into the body at very large rates, the body will surround the toxins in fat and store them.  People who eat processed foods laden with chemicals, preservatives, food dyes, or genetically modified are adding more stress to the systems and organs of the body and not feeding themselves with good nutrition. Thus, they are more likely to be overweight.

Cleanses don’t help weight loss

cleanse and detoxify

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  • The body absolutely has the ability to cleanse and detoxify itself naturally. It does so every night when you sleep. But, I believe that in today’s world with our food supply, water supply, and environmental climate, the body is inundated like never a time in history. It cannot keep up with all the chemicals and poisons it is exposed to on a regular basis.  Therefore, do I believe that doing herbal cleanses or natural detox cleanses are beneficial and helps the body expel toxins that it should have never been exposed to in the first place? Absolutely.  Does having impurities removed from the body with help of natural herbs and supplements expedite the process? Yes. And if those impurities are removed does it help the rest of body systems work more efficiently? Yes.  And if the body can back to the business of detoxifying fat and work more efficiently would that likely help in weight loss? Yes.  Ask yourself why the does the body hold onto fat? The body knows exactly what it is doing.

Be a vegetarian


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  • Being a vegetarian does not mean your weight issues are over. Neither does being a vegan! You could eat junk food and it still falls within vegan rules- like Duncan Hines frosting – that is vegan – really? There are millions of overweight vegetarians and vegans.  I believe that is because they are “carb-e-tarians” who are eating lots of pasta, rice, fat, and sugar.  Vegetarians can still eat ice cream and pizza, heck even beer and wine.  If you want to be a vegetarian, then be a healthy one.  Eat vegetables and fruit and stay away from the high carb high-unhealthy fat choices in your diet.


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