A Warrior’s Guide to Self-Discovery

Not all warriors wear camouflage or fight the enemy. Some warriors travel with us on buses or sit next to us in a movie theater. This post is dedicated to one such warrior. It’s the story of a bright individual who rose beyond her own fears and transformed her life completely. In the process, she became an inspiration. This is Liz’s story.

Rummaging through her closet, Liz discovered a 10-year-old jersey that fit her when she was an athlete in the 8th grade. She slipped the jersey on and tears of joy filled her eyes when she realized it was loose on her. It was surreal. Before Breakthrough M2, shopping at Victoria’s Secret and Pink was out of the question because nothing would fit her. Now, her options are endless!

Liz’s journey isn’t just a weight-loss story. It’s a journey of self-discovery. With help from her friends and family, her goal wasn’t just to lose weight but to enjoy the journey towards better health.  She did this by setting her goals in conjunction with a rewards chart. This kept her focused on enjoying the journey instead of giving in to the frustration she felt at times when her progress was slower than expected. She knew it wasn’t always going to be easy, but she also knew that easy wasn’t her thing. She is a warrior after all and this is a warrior’s guide to self-discovery.

self discovery

The 4 Keys for Liz’s success

1. Tap into support and create new habits.

For Liz, walking up and down a bunny hill felt like climbing up Mount Everest. It was a struggle on a daily basis to walk from her bedroom to the fridge or the driveway to the house. But Liz knew that the Breakthrough M2 program could change her life like it did her mother’s.

Liz’s mother had successfully completed the program and was her biggest advocate. She was her back-up. She ensured that Liz had the food she needed and helped her stay on task with her supplements. Liz never liked eating leftovers and was no good at cooking. That’s where her mom came to the rescue. If it was pasta night for the rest of the family, Liz never felt excluded. Her mom would serve her grilled chicken, delicious veggie and munched on a breadstick for her carb, instead of the pasta!

Also, Liz wasn’t a fan of walking and got constant encouragement from her mother to get up and try. She took her mother’s advice and would go on walks with her mom and her dog instead of watching Netflix. Over time, Liz developed a new joyful habit. A thirty-minute walk with her dog became a routine she looked forward to every day.

self discovery thru Spartan Sprint


2. Dieting and being a social butterfly… It’s totally possible!

Dieting can easily make one feel left out in social settings but when Liz wanted to feel included, she had solutions.

Going out 5 days a week with college friends was the norm for Liz. It took some effort to control the impulse and go out less, but she did it. No, she didn’t ruin her social life; she just managed it better. Now, whenever she eats out, she prefers to order grilled chicken instead of chicken nuggets. She may not be drinking the vodka cranberry, but she’s drinking something she enjoys. Her go-to drink is adding Sweet Leaf water drops to seltzer or water!

Liz wasn’t insecure about staying committed to her goals in social settings. She would order a salad while her friends ordered wings at Buffalo Wild Wings. Jokingly, she would tell her friends, “The rabbit has ordered!”

She showed her friends how plates are bigger than what an actual portion size is. Now, they only order snack size and are aware of how less can be more. After all, we are full before our mind tells us.  The food they ordered did not bother her because she felt strongly that nothing on their plate would cause her to deviate from her goals. She also didn’t want her choices to put pressure on her friend’s choices. She was stronger than the tempting food she used to order. The pounds were falling off and she was determined to keep them burning away.

Liz’s changed social habits led her to having success even during vacation! She lost 6 pounds during a vacation to Miami. After she went to Miami, her next stop was Disneyland and she was going there in an even smaller size!

Shopping for her trip to Disneyland brought her to tears of joy as she loved how stunning she looked in a romper she picked out. The romper had no stretch to it! She wasn’t bursting out of the seams and her hard work paid off!

Liz R discovery in Spartan Race


3. Get inspired and be an inspiration.

Support from others is important, but support from within is what keeps the weight coming off. Staying up late for her college work sometimes tempted her to cheat but Liz resisted. If her friends couldn’t text her to be strong, she would text herself,

“You don’t need coffee, Liz. Wait until 8 a.m.”

Powering through her homework without coffee was difficult, but she knew the results were worth it. Liz started to become her own inspiration. She was already a positive influence for her friends, but her journey even affected others she didn’t expect.

Liz has no issue accepting how awesome she is, but being called a “role model for others” is not easy for her.

She started to document her journey on Instagram, especially during her daily walks. This resulted in people asking if they could go for a walk with her and discuss their weight loss struggles. There were people who weren’t supportive of her weight loss journey; they even called her insane.  But now, those same people are going to Liz for advice during their weight loss journeys. Liz consistently stood true to her worth and success. Her courage spread light to those who judged initially and she still was able to give guidance and inspiration.

4. Challenge yourself and continue to DREAM!

Liz’s beautiful, successful journey is a manifestation of her willpower. Something she herself didn’t know existed. It was also a manifestation of the self-empowering choices she made every day.

Before the Breakthrough M2 program, Liz had asthma, B12 deficiency, Hypothyroidism, Arthritis in her left hip, Diabetes, and many other health issues.

After months of dedication toward her overall health, her doctors sat her down to give her the okay to participate in the upcoming Spartan Race because most of her issues completely resolved! It was one of the happiest days of her life. With all of her initial health problems, she never pictured herself being able to fulfill her dream of being in the race. She felt trapped in her body for so long. Now? She can’t wait to see what her body can continue to do!

Discovering your own Inner Warrior

Here are some tips Liz gave to help you in your own journey of self-discovery and healthy living:

  • Stick with it. Your goals are important and consistency is key!
  • Sit down with your friends and family and let them know how important your journey is to you.
  • You don’t have to eat everything on your plate if you are trying to eat healthier. Remember plates are bigger than they should be.
  • Try not to use food to find temporary fulfillment. If you feel stressed, a walk can help!
  • Give yourself permission to ask for help during the good and bad days. Whether it’s an online Facebook Group, your friends, family, etc. Unless you ask, the answer is no.
  • Create a reward system to keep you from becoming discouraged. Some of Liz’s prizes for herself for losing over 50 pounds was an Apple watch, a new smart TV, and a new laptop. Or keep it simple! Every 5 pounds lost, buy a new book, a fun pair of socks or go on a local adventure to experience your new and improved body!

self discovery of Liz R


Bonus tips for clients on the Breakthrough M2 program:

  • Use the private Facebook Group when you need support. The Breakthrough community and staff has a great wealth of information!
  • The first week you will lose water weight, but get excited, in the 2nd week you will feel a difference in how your clothes fit.
  • Cravings? Text your accountability coach about how you’re feeling. They will give guidance and ideas to find new recipes on the website or Facebook group that can help you over the craving hurdle!
  • If you’re missing the crunch of chips or popcorn, eat some kale chips or cucumbers instead.
  • Feeling hungry? Drink some water. Our bodies mistake thirst for hunger. Chewing gum helped Liz.
  • Give yourself the proper recognition. If you lost 15 pounds, say “I lost 15 pounds.”  And not, “I only lost 15 pounds” or “I just lost 15 pounds.” 15 pounds is 15 pounds. Liz treated every “15 pounds” like she lost 100 pounds. Success is success!
  • Remember, during plateaus that you are doing everything you are supposed to do. And if you’re not, then take note. We have the power to empower our journey or sabotage it.
  • Remember the investment you made. You spent cash and you might as well buckle up for the ride and get your money’s worth on this program. Go BIG or go home!
  • Focus on the whole picture. Your journey is for your overall health, not just for the goal of losing weight and the number on the scale. What about the other numbers? A1C, cholesterol, blood pressure, inches around your waist and other places!

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Great Job Liz!!  Thank you for your story and the interview!