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Amanda! Is that you?!” Her brother was startled to see her. It was the Memorial Day weekend, and he didn’t expect such a huge surprise from his sister. Amanda gleamed with happiness. She was getting similar responses from a lot of people who hadn’t seen her in six months. She couldn’t believe that she had managed to lose over 100 lbs in the past 6 months. The doctor’s warning about her borderline diabetes still echoed in her mind. She had to make a choice between insulin and a healthy weight. She was glad she made the right choice! Yes, her weight loss journey hadn’t been entirely easy but it was totally worth it! With just 7 lbs away from her ideal weight, she felt more confident and much healthier!

The First Step to a Healthy Journey to Weight Loss

It wasn’t exactly a happy beginning. Her grandpa had a cardiac arrest. She held her grandma throughout those 17 crucial minutes taken to revive her grandpa. She became their rock for that entire week. When it was finally farewell time, a nurse gave her card to Amanda and asked her to contact her after graduating from the nursing school. Amanda had found her purpose in an improbable situation. This motivated her to resume her studies at the nursing school; at the same time, she found herself reevaluating her health.


Amanda knew her problem: she was an emotional eater. She had developed the habit of countering depression and pessimism through food. She also suffered from bulimia and anorexia. It’s not like she hadn’t tried. She had been on and off dieting over the years. Lean cuisine, Nutrisystem, protein bars, protein shakes, and low-calorie dieting; she had tried it all. But, she lacked the patience for these methods. If the results weren’t fast enough, she’d quit.


This changed after one fateful visit to the salon. While getting her eyebrows done, she asked her beautician how she lost all her weight. She introduced her to Breakthrough M2. Amanda then took her first step towards change when she was standing outside the seminar doors. She asked the receptionist Mikayla about Nanette DeGroat. She found out that “Nan” was actually her old math teacher at Goshen High School. For Amanda, this was a sign. She was all set for this diet with Nan, who was once again entering her life as her guide and teacher.

Make a Lifestyle Choice

Amanda's After pictureMany people are simply terrified of the idea of going off the program, but not Amanda!  Amanda believes that the program truly worked because it didn’t supply any pre-made meals. It trained her to adopt healthy eating as a habit. Today, organic meals have become her lifestyle choice.

Eating out with friends was difficult, but Amanda transformed her weaknesses into her strengths. Whenever people told her “you can’t eat that,” she was sure to remind them and herself that “I can, but I won’t eat that.” The best part of the diet was that it wasn’t a diet! It was based on self-control. Once she learned her triggers, she felt a surge of energy inside.

All these years, food was a source of comfort for her. Now, it’s just fuel for her body. Food is meant to make her live her life; food is not life itself. Her perception of food changed. It’s not something that makes her fat; it’s something that made her the way she was.


Anxiety no longer plagues her life. Loneliness is not an unwanted thing; it’s a state that gives her solace. She even has a phone reminder for her “me time” that rings at 7 p.m. During her “me time”, she indulges in essential oils, bentonite clay, meditation, and Epsom salts baths. She treats herself with some relaxation.

Another choice was when she stopped taking birth control pills. She realized that not only did they contribute to her weight gain but also didn’t let her trust her body. She developed a bond of trust with her body. Honor the body—this was a lesson she learned during the seminar. Her lifestyle choices were aimed at making her body healthy and happy.

Seek Inspiration

What kept Amanda on track, other than her determination, was her constant search for inspiration. She kept herself motivated through small things like the tiles from Breakthrough that read, “I am Strong” or the quotes she collected like “Don’t look back; you’re not going that way” and “Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle.”

Love and encouragement from her family was also a driving force. They had been incredibly supportive in reminding her how far she had come. Even her laptop reminded her that, “Life is good!” She took help from the serenity prayer which filled her life with positivity.

Own Your Journey

The biggest hurdle in our path to success is our own self. Amanda realized this. She used to blame her destiny, her genes, the people around her, and difficult circumstances for her shortcomings.  She decided to not let her problems define her. It was loud and clear in her mind now that no one had the power to restrain her vision or perception towards this glorious world. Amanda learned that she deserved a happy life as much as others did. Her transformation made her worthy in her own eyes.

Welcoming life with open arms

Own Your Journey

Rise Above the Plateaus

Amanda’s previous endeavors had failed because she didn’t rise above the plateaus. She would either stuff herself with junk or would completely starve to make that needle on the scale budge. Both approaches weren’t helping her on all levels – body, mind, and spirit. During her transformation, she battled her need for instant gratification and realized that great things take time, effort, and resilience.

Instead of being hard on herself by thinking “I should be this far”, she allowed the journey to unfold and thought “I’ll get there when I get there.” Whenever she hit a plateau, she would text Coach Georgia at Breakthrough M2 for advice. There was no way she was going back to old habits. She trusted the program and her body. She was determined to lose all those extra pounds.

Know That You Are Enough

Amanda dated a man, for over seven years, who can be best described as the personification of all her insecurities! It was a toxic relationship where he would pick on her weight and even force her on the scale. This was suffocating and Amanda very bravely put a full stop on this unwanted burden.


During the weight-loss seminar, Nan went over the ‘I ams’ in the program folder. That’s when Amanda declared: “I am enough, now and always.” For her, being ‘enough’ meant allowing herself to be happy now, comfortable now, and enjoying life before the weight loss. She entered the seminar room with one purpose—losing weight to be happy.


This wasn’t only about weight loss. It was about demanding her happiness. During this journey, she managed to discover herself and get over her past. This was a new Amanda! Once the weight was gone, she fulfilled her long-held wish of getting a tattoo on her ribs. The tattoo says: “I AM ENOUGH” She also has a tattoo of the date she started the diet, the day she was reborn, “The rebirth of who I am and the start of my future.” This is Amanda’s way of loving herself before expecting love from anyone else. There is no place for toxic relationships in her life anymore.

Enjoy Unlimited Options

Going from size 20 to size 4, Amanda now has unlimited clothing options. She is not only thinner but she has confidence, self-awareness, and self-love too.  Fitting into a pair of jeans wasn’t an option for her before; she used to wear yoga pants or sweat pants to hide the body that she didn’t love. Now, she loves flaunting her figure in a smart pair of jeans.


She used to remain in the shadows before; now, she’s in the limelight! People look at her with admiration and not judgment—something she had never experienced before. In the past, she wasn’t able to run and play with the kids at work. Now, she can’t wait to see what else her body is physically capable of. This is her time to shine!

weight loss

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Amanda’s Twenty Tips for You

Amanda’s Breakthrough M2 journey is quite inspiring for all those planning to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Here are Amanda’s twenty tips that would help you in your transformation journey:

  1. Meditation- Create space in your schedule to honor yourself.
  2. Validate Your Emotions- Don’t look to others for empathy. Don’t wait for them to tell you how your feelings are valid. Own how scared, nervous, good, etc. you feel. Just as it’s important to validate the positive, we need to validate the negative.
  3. Change up your menu – Eating the same foods can deter you from continuing a diet. You may also find that eating chicken for three days can lead to plateaus. Amanda loves eating beef and tomatoes; however, when she stopped making it for dinner every night, the weight and inches continued to fall off with ease. She also suggests trying things you don’t think you will like. Before the diet, Amanda was not a fan of Cajun spice. Now, she uses that one and many others all the time. And, on the plus side, the Cajun spice actually helps with weight loss.
  4. Experiment with seasonings. Bland gets boring fast. The weight-loss journey isn’t instant so make it enjoyable with flavor.
  5. Prep your portions. Having her veggies and proteins portioned out for the week is a huge help plus fewer dishes to clean.
  6. Give yourself permission to be happy before the weight comes off. Otherwise, your journey will feel like a punishment rather than a victory.
  7. Think of yourself and what honors you most; no one else will better at it than you! People-pleasing won’t help your diet. If it’s not in line with your goals, then don’t partake.
  8. We create our own stress and can choose to find the positive result of going through changes in life. Holding onto stress causes your body to hold onto your weight. Live and let live.
  9. Don’t let what other people say impact how you feel. The negativity from others is their fears talking to you. They wish they could do what you are doing but they fear to fail.
  10. People think that eating healthy is more expensive, and in some ways, it is, but how much is your health worth?  Today, Amanda has worked out her budget where she is spending a little more on healthy food, but also keeps in mind she isn’t going to the doctor’s office at all anymore, nor is she worried about spending money on medications that he told her she would have to buy if her health and weight kept going in the negative direction that it was.
  11. She used the meal-tracking planner that was provided for her in her Breakthrough M2 program.
  12. Do some ‘I am’ affirmations. Look back on your day and focus on the positives. It’s not about what I didn’t do but what I did do today.
  13. Low calorie, low-fat diets are notorious for causing you to be cold.  So, she used heating pads, drank warm tea or warm water, and took hot showers.
  14. Use the contrast showers Nan, Breakthrough M2’s CEO recommends. End with the cold. Air dry if you can so you can get all the benefits.
  15. Listen to Nan’s videos weekly to help you stay motivated.
  16. Keep in contact with a positive person who will hold you accountable for what you said you would do. Breakthrough M2 provides that person on their program, and Amanda was not afraid to set her goals with her coach, nor ask for help.
  17. If you cheat or fall off the path, be honest. Amanda didn’t cheat, but admitting it, and analyzing why it happened is amazing insight, which will get you closer to your goal than hiding it.
  18. Listen to your body and be open with your coach about what you think your body needs.  Discuss it openly.
  19. Amanda used all the support people were willing to give.  She not only had her coach, but also a private Facebook group, and the office team at Breakthrough M2. Everyone there has your best interest in mind. They are not about the money like many other programs or diets she tried. The staff creates a bond with clients and makes them feel like family.
  20. Use Facebook. Feel like you’re the only one? The Breakthrough Facebook Group allows you to see others struggling on their journey and has loads of advice on how to succeed.
tracking my weight loss journey

Healthy lifestyle

On her way…

Today, Amanda knows how to listen and honor her body’s cues to what it needs. She has adopted a healthy lifestyle with healthy eating and work-out habits. She goes for a walk daily and is now planning to take weekly fitness classes as well. She’s excited but she’s not rushing into things. She is pursuing her passion of becoming a nurse. Her journey with Breakthrough M2 is an example for others and she aspires to be a coach one day. Right now, she wants to enjoy the journey by trusting herself!


Are you ready to start the journey towards a happier, healthier you? If Amanda’s story inspires you, find out more about Breakthrough M2 here!


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