Love Yourself

Angela Lamberti lost over 330 lbs and now there is nothing weighing down this gorgeous inside and out, manifestation queen! Once you join her Facebook group Angie’s Thoughts, you won’t be able to help yourself from loving yourself and pardon my French, getting shit done.

Warning! Joining means you will conquer your self-doubt daily. As I learned from Angela, quieting the ego is continuous work but worth the life we deserve to live. Whatever you envision, it’s possible. You are a manifestation machine, the universe is waiting for your order, put it in. Do you want to be a millionaire? Homeowner? Angela challenges us to put in our order for the life we desire.

Angela reminisced how as children we decided we wanted to be a doctor, we were a doctor. Watch children play. They get lost in playing pretend and really feel they are what they believe. You must believe. Explore what it would feel like to weigh the weight you want, or have the car you desire. Picture a dartboard, you have to keep that bull’s eye focus on your goal consciously and subconsciously with visioning, vision board and affirmations.

How much weight do you want to lose? If Angie can lose over 330 lbs, no matter your weight loss goal, 100lbs, 50lbs, 10lbs, etc., know you are closer to your goal just by reading this article. You’re showing up for you right now by utilizing this site.

Through her Facebook platform, she’s motivating hundreds of people to stop looking outside themselves for happiness, and do the work within. We are all worth the time we pour into others. Plus, the love we crave is right here, within us unconditionally.

Since we’ve started conversing, I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone and begun to pave my path and stop apologizing for shining.

The Universe Has Your Back brought us together, and having Angela as part of my life makes me take this book’s title literally. She’s empowered me to grow. Are you ready to lose your old beliefs weighing you down?

Angela’s Diet

When asked, What did you do to lose the weight? Her response is gold. “I stopped eating negativity.” She stopped letting the world outside her affect her and focused within for the love she wanted. As Angela puts it, weight gain isn’t just unhealthy food, it’s unhealthy thoughts. The weight you put on is layers and layers of negative beliefs you need to let go of. 

You simply have to stop letting your environment control you and choose your thoughts. Angela doesn’t let the environment she works in shape her, she shapes the environment. She works in healthcare and she motivates staff members to practice gratitude instead of having an attitude and complaining. There’s a jar at her job dedicated to complaining. Instead of a complaint box to write complaints, it’s a jar for a quarter every time you do.

Angela has personally counted 80 times she chose gratitude over complaining. The coins can add up fast, and be a great motivator.

From Falling Apart, To Falling Together

After five years of dating her soulmate, she knew she had to let him go. She felt like the whole world didn’t understand her when in truth, she didn’t understand herself. Ready to explore where the pain she felt inside came from. She put a twin flame on her vision board and knew, if it was meant to be they would be brought back together.

She lost her apartment, and quit her job. “…and I had to hit rock bottom… So many famous people hit rock bottom with cash, but they still took their lives. Even if I had had money, money isn’t happiness. I could have had liposuction, but I would have just been an unhappy skinny person. Never do anything the easy way- you miss the lessons. The journey defines us, not the destination. I could be in the best relationship but if I’m crying every day… If I’m depressed, that’s not the mother I want to be for my son.

Being a mom who couldn’t fit on the bus sitting next to her son in a two-seater was debilitating to her self esteem. One of her goals was to be able to go on a ride with her son at a theme park.


Don’t Give Others the Keys to Your Heart

Loving herself didn’t come naturally to Angie. Before meeting her soulmate, Angie tolerated for 9 years being beaten up and stabbed by her ex. Believe it or not, she doesn’t hold onto what her ex did. She forgave herself for expecting the love she gave to him to be reciprocated. He has his own inner work he needs to do for himself. Subconciously, we find relationships inline with our inner dialogue of self-worth or lack of. When we don’t love ourselves, we settle or relationships don’t last.

So what is true love? In Angie’s words, “ When you complete yourself anyone who comes into your life is a bonus. Stop following society, follow what’s in your heart, in your core.”

After 10 years of self focus, Angie was reunited with her soulmate.


While everything seemed to crash down around her, Angie chose to choose her thoughts and actions. “You have to retrain your brain, You have to figure out who you are inside. Working on the interior comes before the exterior (your weight).” She began what she calls Brain Bootcamp. An alarm was set for every hour to train herself to be positive: I am beautiful. I am smart. I am thankful.

Majority of her time was catered to reading books, creating a vision board, journaling, meditating and being alone. She stopped watching television, especially negative focused news. The journey had its speed bumps, plateaus. You might start to think things are working against you. Trust the universe. Believe that things don’t happen to you, they happen for you. As Angela would put it, you’re taking a detour to your goal. When a detour shows up, we must honor it and reflect on what we are meant to learn or we won’t evolve. Problems repeat in our lives when we avoid growth.

Once she started seeing her beauty within, she was spreading what she calls Angie pixie dust everywhere. She began with compliments to people at the bank and telling people to have a good day.

She put out positive intentions for everyone. Including, tear-offs on polls in the city for people to take what they need: peace, love, etc.

Here’s her current routine:

Angela says this in the morning, especially in all her videos in the group. It’s a lovely little anecdote- Thank you universe, God for all that I have and all that is coming.

At night, after she settles in, she detoxes from her day with some meditation before bed.

When things go wrong, Angela challenges us to ask, why do we think our way is the only way we can reach our goal? Invite life’s challenges as detours.

Losing Weight, and Not Willpower

You may not be looking to lose over 300lbs, but Angela has great advice for anyone who feels discouraged on their weight loss journey. “It’s looking back and seeing how far you have come. It’s not looking ahead and seeing how far you have to go. There are days you’re not going to have the willpower. You have to retrain your brain. You don’t think I indulge in chocolate? That I have a piece of pizza? Do you think I want to get up at 5 o’clock in the morning and go to the gym? But it became my life, it became therapeutic, it becomes a lifestyle. That is something you have power over. Plus, she found her tribe at the gym.

People are going to lose willpower. If you’re losing willpower be mindful of your thoughts. Why are you losing willpower- is it because your job is irritating you? Is it because your rent is due?  Is it because you are fighting with your loved ones?

Are you letting your concerns with the outside world affect you? Fat is a cover up for all the layers and layers of work you need to do within. It’s a covering of your core.”

Angie’s Before and After is a powerful message at the gym she goes to. How many ads do you see with skinny people going to the gym? There are too many. And how many skinny people in the gym love themselves? Not too many at all. Angie’s message is universal.

The Keys to Manifestation

People think Angie doesn’t have extra skin after losing the weight. She does and she doesn’t let it stop her from wearing the bikini she wants to wear. Just because society set a standard for something doesn’t mean you have to adopt it as your personal standard for yourself. Choose to define what is beautiful, or right or wrong, etc. Another warning, Angela uses a lot of cursing like Tony Robbins does but it is her being herself. As she said, who said curse words are bad? Society. We need to stop conforming and be ourselves.

“You are unique. Do not fit in. You are yourself. You are beautiful. Make that vision board. Say I am’s I am beautiful. Who defined beauty? Everyone has this within. Society tells you what is beautiful- flat stomach, long hair, etc. Not the wrinkles that show you’re getting older and survived life. No one knows what is behind those wrinkles and layers of fat. Don’t compare your life- you are handing that person your pen and they are writing your story when you do. Your life is your life.Stop following society, follow what’s in your heart and in your core. The universe is sitting there saying, I’m waiting for you to put in an order, put it in.” 


Ten years later, Angie is reunited with her twin flame. Her 2018 vision board came true! Anything is possible! So what can the universe get you today?

Keep your eye out for Angie’s book! Plus speaking engagements. This woman is on fire and helping so many men and women rise up from their limiting beliefs.

Key takeaways from Angie- Stop the 3 cancers of the mind- Instead of complaining express gratitude. Stop comparing, focus on you. When you focus on your progress you can’t compare. Look at how far you have come. Stop criticizing yourself, instead you should say affirmations and turn impossible to possible. Look at Angela going from weight 498 to 170! Let go and trust!

On the other side of your fears is the beautiful life you desire.

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