breakthrough m2 diet journeyAnita started her weight loss journey with Breakthrough M2 October 1st, 2016. She’s still focused and maintaining her weight, even after suffering a back injury that left her unable to go to the gym for 2 ½ months.  She had her gallbladder removed 5 years ago and without Breakthrough M2 she wouldn’t have known she needs to take digest pro.  Anita shows us how our journey doesn’t end after the weight loss, but your new lifestyle has just begun. She has amazing support from her husband through her diet journey and even today he goes to the gym with her. Here’s some great advice to jump-start your diet journey from Anita. 

WLE: Wow you started your diet journey two years ago! How has your life changed?

ANITA: I feel healthier. I feel better. I learned so much about myself…about what I was putting into my body. (Two years ago) I wasn’t drinking a lot of water. I wasn’t sleeping well. I was eating anything and everything. When I went to the seminar, I listened to Nan. I was good at hiding my weight and I remember, after she finished the seminar, she said nobody here needs to lose more than 50 lbs. And I just looked at her like really? (I let her know how much I was looking to lose.) She said no I don’t believe it. So we went to the scale and she weighed me. She said I can’t believe you weigh this much.

WLE: How has your diet changed?

ANITA: So just since then, learning about drinking water, I still don’t eat bread or carbs. I can’t remember the last time I had a potato. I didn’t realize the damage pork did to my body. I haven’t eaten pork in two years

WLE: You didn’t have an easy start to your diet, but you kept going. I’ve heard so many stories about the wrong timing to start a diet. Could you tell us about your start?

ANITA:  I started this on October 1st, and on October 2nd my husband had a heart attack. He ended up being transferred that day to Columbia Presbyterian in Manhattan (couple hours away) and I left… I had packed my lunch… when we went to the emergency room …I didn’t think it was anything… I’ll go into the office I took my lunch with me but I left my drops. So I kind of panicked and I was able to run home to get them.

Then that next day when I went to the city I didn’t bring them. I called my coach and she told me what to do when I got home and  I started to just stop because the stress of just commuting back and forth to the city and then he had to have bypass surgery and it was just a lot. And he said to me don’t stop this journey because of me. You keep doing it. I’m gonna be okay. And I stuck to it. Even going through all of that, I stuck to it.

breakthrough m2 diet journeyWLE: How did you hear about Breakthrough?

ANITA: I was on Facebook and I saw a picture of somebody I used to work with and I thought wow she lost weight. A couple of days later I saw someone put a comment, she said something about Breakthrough. I Googled it because I was just curious and I did a lot of homework I looked at all the videos that are online, I read everything about Nan, and when I went to a seminar I decided I’m going to this seminar just to sign up. I knew it wasn’t a diet, it was a life change for me. That’s the way I look at it. A lifestyle change I have to stick with for the rest of my life. 

WLE: What was shopping like after you lost the weight? (Clothes)

ANITA: I love it! I went from a size 16, that was tight, to a size 4. I remember someone in church saying something to me to the extent of “all right you lost your gut you’re starting to look sick you need to stop now. And I just looked at her and I was like Wow. That kind of upset me I came home from church that day and I said something to my husband he said, “Do not listen to those people. She’s got her own issues. You don’t look sick. You look happy.” And I was feeling so good wearing dresses I’d never worn before you know being able to buy stuff right off the rack without even having to go and try it on.

WLE: How did you end up gaining the weight?

ANITA: I always struggled with my weight, but I stopped smoking eight years ago and I was going through menopause at the same time. So a combination of those two and I was a stress eater. Now when I start feeling full I stop.

breakthrough m2 diet journeyWLE: What’s your go-to when you’re stressed?

ANITA: Apple, few almonds, and go to the gym almost every day. That helps. Try to stay focused. The other day I was watching TV and I wanted something to eat. And I was like I’m not even hungry. Why? So instead I just made a cup of tea. There are times I just give in and I have it and I feel bad and I’m like alright get over it and move on. It’s not like it used to be.

WLE: How do you start your day?

ANITA: Started this while on diet, still sticks. Lay down at night have container drink water out of… fill and put on nightstand and it’s first thing I grab. Drink that entire thing then coffee. I still don’t eat breakfast. If I’m hungry I’ll eat an apple. From the diet, I learned drinking your water gets everything working at the start of your day. And I noticed a difference (when I started this habit on the diet). I still weigh myself every day. I get on my scale, drink my water and drink my coffee … that’s every day.

Breakthrough M2 diet journeyWLE: What’s the secret to surviving weddings, special occasions, going out while on a diet?

ANITA: It’s interesting when I first lost this weight I was looking forward to going to a wedding but we didn’t have anything to go to for months. I did have one instance on lo-cal where I went to a birthday party. I talked to my coach before I left. I had fish and a salad before I left for the party. That’s it. Even now going to weddings I don’t drink as much. At most one drink. I monitor what I eat and pace myself. I give in sometimes, have a bite of what I want to eat because I know if I don’t I’ll binge. I just try to balance it out and do it in moderation.

WLE: I understand. Sometimes you have to just have cheesecake. In moderation of course.

ANITA: Exactly. I know when I’m bad I can feel it. Then I watch myself for the rest of the week. I feel like I’m dragging sometimes (after cheating). You know after I lost this weight I felt so light and like I had all this energy. I still do. When I cheat I feel the difference.

WLE: Did you find the Breakthrough M2 Facebook group supportive?

ANITA: I still look at all the posts on all the pages. The transition page, the breakthrough page, I look at those posts they are still on my timeline. And I read what people are saying and suggestions that people are making and that helps me too. It stays in my face. When Nan posts something live.

WLE: Any advice for people looking to start the Breakthrough M2 diet?

ANITA: Try it. It’s worth it. People who ask me how I did it I give them cards (Breakthrough M2 cards). Or I tell them to google it. It’s worth the money, it’s worth the effort. Listen and read what’s out there. It’s going to change their life. It changed mine. I tell Nan all the time when I see her you saved my life because I feel like she did.

breakthrough m2 diet journeyWLE: Was your coach helpful?

ANITA: Yes, very helpful. On holidays, coach made herself available on Christmas Day. My daughter-in-law thought I was crazy I still cooked, I cooked anything they wanted. I showed up with my turkey, salad and apple. I sat at the table and ate my food I’m going to eat. They looked at me like I’m crazy. I told them this is it I’m fine. Anyone who is going to do it just go all in.

WLE: How has mindset changed?

ANITA: An extra piece of anything isn’t worth it. I’ve always been one who likes the way I look in my clothes. Love the way my husband looks at me. Whenever I would change before I would turn off the lights or change in another room because I don’t want him to see me. Now I start tearing off clothes when I’m walking in stores. I don’t care. I feel good now. That was huge for me.