Who are the six people you spend the most time with? Wherever you are in your weight loss journey, establish your family and friends’ deep understanding of how important your diet is to you. If there’s a seminar or workout class at the gym you want to check out invite a family member or friend to come along. You might be surprised to discover your husband or best friend wants to diet with you too. You know what they say, people who diet together stay together.

I’ve seen people be more successful on diets when a friend or family member commits with them. Think about it, would you want to disappoint your husband who is also committed to the diet by cheating? You would motivate each other to stay on track.

If your family is invested in your goal they can make sure they help prevent you from cheating. Establish a place to keep junk food out of sight and out of mind with your family. I’ve seen families go out of their way to not stock the fridge with anything tempting. Utilize the support around you.

Got kids?

Don’t let them be your excuse for not losing weight. There are workouts you can do at home or at the gym with the kids. Baby’s make great weights when you’re first starting out postpartum. There are plenty of baby and me workouts on youtube.

Don’t feel guilty taking time for you. Your kids seeing you take care of yourself teaches them how to take care of themselves.

Don’t worry about cooking a meal for you and a separate meal for your kids. Your diet is an opportunity to teach your kids how to eat right. If it’s a low-cal diet, just simply add healthy high fats to the plates you share with the kids. Find out how to alter your diet so your kids can try it too. When you finish your diet you will need to adopt a healthy lifestyle and you can learn all about it as you go.

Kids aren’t an excuse to keep the weight on. Own your weight gain. Weight can change. You have a choice in maintaining, losing or gaining. Keeping the weight on is a choice. You make that decision every time you choose to eat healthy or not. We make this decision when we make it to the gym or the couch.

If you’re having trouble with your diet, I suggest talking to a dietician. It’s possible to meet with a nutritionist who is covered by your insurance.

Having issues getting to the gym? Find a gym partner or call your local gyms to find out the cost of a trainer.


weight loss motivation quotesBetter yet, take a class. You could find your future workout partner.

Better yet, take a class. You could find your future workout partner.

Find a Community Online

If you don’t have any family or friends who support your diet turn to Facebook. There are so many local and international Facebook groups you can join for support. There are support groups for everything from Paleo, Atkins, Vegan, HCG, etc. Not only will you have support, but you have the opportunity to be someone else’s support team.

We cannot expect everyone to support our decision to go on a diet. Jealousy makes people do and say cruel things My sister-in-law worked in an office where every day it seemed there was a cake celebrating someone’s birthday, engagement, etc. There was a woman who needed to go on a diet, but she could not do it. She would pick on my sister-in-law while the cake was being passed around. She had the best response to being told she can’t eat cake.

Do what my sister-in-law did if anyone tries to make you feel awful about your diet. Let the individual know you choose not to eat the cake. You could, but you do not want any. The cake isn’t part of your goal. Don’t let the food you eat make you feel like you are now unable to socialize.

One final thought: from the Bible, James 1:14 paraphrased says “A person is tempted and enticed by their own heart’s desires.” No matter your surroundings, if you can’t resist temptation you are responsible for cheating on your diet. Be your best advocate and say no.

inspirational weight loss quotes

funny inspirational weight loss quotes.