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Nanette before weight loss
Nanette after weight loss


Nanette began her program at age 40 weighing 200 lbs and wearing a size 16. She lost 50 lbs in 65 days and still wears a size 8, two years later.

Ed before weight loss
Ed after weight loss


Ed went on the program at age 61 weighing 250 lbs. In 35 days he lost 40 pounds and a year and half later still weighs 210 lbs.
“After my heart attack, I wanted to lose the weight, lower my blood pressure, and cholesterol. In one month, all that happened. I don’t take any medication and now I lead a healthier life style and make better choices.”

Thelma before weight loss
Thelma after weight loss


Thelma began her program at age 63, being a 15 year diabetic, and weighing 210 lbs. In 85 days she lost 50 lbs. She went on the diet again 6 months later and lost another 20 lbs. and a year and a half later still weighs 140.

Nicholas before weight loss
Nicholas after weight loss


Nicholas began the program at age 13 weighing 240 lbs.
He finished the program having lost 79 lbs. in 4.5 months.
“I finally have fun shopping. I can go to Aeropostale and buy normal sizes.”

Kathryn before weight loss
Kathryn after weight loss


Kathryn began her program at age 41 weighing 220 lbs. In 4 months she lost 70 pounds, and now weighs 150lbs.
“This program really helps people make the connection between mind and body.
I now stop and ask myself if the calories are really worth it.”