Rob Smith’s thirtieth birthday was approaching and he was ready to lose weight. His healthy self – that would be his birthday gift to himself. He had been heavy since middle school. Simply eating less didn’t work for him. He was left disheartened when all his time and efforts only resulted in 5 lbs lost. 

Uncle Tom as Inspiration

After watching his uncle’s inspiring transformation, Rob knew he was ready to lose 100 lbs. Before he even started the diet, his uncle was there to cheer him on and make sure he set high goals to annihilate. His uncle advised him to do as he was told on the program. Rob’s uncle has always put his health first. His uncle lost 25-30lbs. Just the fact that Rob knew him was evidence enough. The results spoke volumes. Plus, his uncle doesn’t preach about anything unless he truly believes in it. healthy self

Rob was done struggling to catch his breath while going up the stairs or letting his weight affect his relationships. He was done missing out on life because of his weight, so he was determined to make a change for himself.  He was afraid of failing again, but it was now or never. 

Leaving Skepticism and 100 Lbs Behind

It wasn’t until he was 50 lbs down that he left his skepticism behind. The results felt too good to be true. Within four months Rob had lost a total of 100 lbs. He’s gone from an XL to a M/L in shirts. He hasn’t been this size since he was 12 years old. 

Not everyone recognizes him now that he’s lost the weight. Old co-workers find themselves doing a double take. His voice gives him away. People are wondering “where did the rest of you go?” His mother would just stare at him in utter amazement. Customers at AT&T who met him in April and came back in December were asking if the nice guy Rob still worked there. They were in shock and asked how he lost the weight. 

Since starting the diet he hasn’t touched soda. One of his daily staples used to be two 20 oz sodas and now he drinks water. His trips to McDonald’s have been replaced with making time for meal prep because now his motto is “prep for success.” 

He makes sure to weigh himself daily to keep himself on track.

“I know what I was at and I don’t want to be that weight again.”

His biggest breakthrough on the diet was realizing the only person or true obstacle is yourself. We are our biggest enemies and we have to go in with the right mindset to start a diet. He’s found the drive within himself to go for the positions he knows he deserves at work. 

Building Himself Up

He now gives himself permission to forgive himself but does not make excuses. He thinks of it like in the movie Kickboxer where the guy is kicking the tree, he’s no longer beating himself up, he’s building himself up. He’s become his own coach, mentor, and his own inspiration. Before he was the last one to talk highly of himself, now he’s proud of how far he has come. Being on the Breakthrough M2 weight loss program has taught him to be accountable for his choices, look at the present moment, and realize that honoring self by making supportive decisions is the best medicine for “No Regret!”. 

healthy self

Being his own coach, he has learned to not ignore how you feel. He has practiced acknowledging his feelings by voicing it out loud and choosing to be present and taking action toward the goal. 

Boredom was one of the triggers he became aware of 10 years ago. “I felt like a robot, what am I doing?”  He would choose whatever food was available, which usually meant something processed, pre-made, non-nutritious. This weight loss journey has taught him that healthy choices don’t rob him of his enjoyment of food. He’s proactively finding recipes that fit his new lifestyle. Knowing that the 90-10 lifestyle (19 meals a week are high nutrition and 2 meals a week are whatever he wants) is his goal, he doesn’t attach negative emotions to having something he normally wouldn’t eat. Cheating used to make him feel bad, but because he is allowed 2 meals a week, it isn’t cheating anymore!  That permission to indulge every once in a while has helped remove guilt or shame around eating, which is liberating. 

Rob’s Advice

Rob advises those starting the Breakthrough M2 diet to not deviate and follow the diet to the “T” (not a G or H, LOL). Drink your water it makes a huge difference. As skeptical as you might be, just follow the program so you know you did everything in your power to set yourself up for success. It works!

Like his uncle, he’s now preaching to others about his journey and inspiring them to change their lives.