Check out the best weight loss podcasts we’ve encountered while scouting the web. One of the big advantages of today’s technology is the ability to find all the information we need. Health and fitness podcasts are some of the most effective ways to get your goal of owning a rockin’ body on the good track.

Check out what we’ve picked for you – the best weight loss podcasts for motivated individuals.

Not enough free time or not to proper place to focus on viewing a video or to read a health book? The great thing about podcasts is that you simply download them to your smartphone or mp3 player and listen to them whenever and wherever you want. Listen to people who have gone through the process of losing weight successfully and that now want to share with you their top advice to get the perfect, slim body.

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18 of the Best Weight Loss Podcasts

The Move Smart Podcast

This podcast will provide you with the best tips in movement, flexibility, stretching, gymnastics, and even parkour. You will learn how to move and maximize strength gains, but also how to customize your diet. Just Goodhart, who owns the Wellrounded Athlete blog, also gives out primal nutrition, supplementation, stress management, and wellness advice. With 60 available free episodes, there’s plenty of information to digest.

Ben Greenfield Fitness

Ben Greenfield promises swears that he’s “going to make you Superhuman, while shirtless and drinking smoothies”. An expert in health and fitness, Ben is an author specialized in fat loss, nutrition, and performance. His podcast includes fitness, health, nutrition, diet, wellness, exercise, workout, swimming, running, cycling, bodybuilding, vegan, vegetarian, fat loss and muscle gain advice. This top personal trainer knows his stuff and he’s willing to share his knowledge with you.

Katy Says

Katy Bowman is more than a fitness coach. The best-selling author is a biomechanist with deep knowledge of the natural movement. Katy’s approach is to go back to what people were doing before modern age has placed us in our desk chairs for hours each day. This is one of the best weight loss podcasts to access if you’re looking for a slightly different point of view than the standard podcasts. You will get to listen to discussions about natural movement, body mechanics, and movement nutrition.

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Food For Thought

The podcast is hosted by vegan expert Colleen Patrick-Godreau, that promotes a vegan way of life and addresses all questions regarding living compassionately. Colleen talks about being vegan, animal rights, cooking, eating, and even environmentalism. Her podcast is well-suited for herbivores and omnivores alike, as she takes a non-judgemental approach to speaking about the things she’s most interested in.

Realize Yourself

Behind the Realize Yourself podcast stands clinical nutritionist and best-selling author Kimberley Snyder. You can hear her speaking about specific aspects regarding health, empowerment, emotional health, spirituality, beauty and much more. The podcast provides easy listening to anyone who wants to change their bad eating habits and live more mindfully.

GMB Show

Andy Fossett and Ryan Hurst from GMB Fitness deliver useful information about using bodyweight exercise to unlock one’s movement potential. The GMB Show answers questions and shares fitness guidance in each episode. They also have some great interviews with leading bodybuilders such as Al Kavaldo, Mike Fitch, Steve Kamb, and others. It’s high on our list of the best weight loss podcasts for the fearless individuals.

The Rich Roll Podcast

Rich Roll is plant-powered ultra-athlete, best-selling author of Finding Ultra and The Plantpower Way. Rich discusses topics such as vegan nutrition and cooking, meditation, sustainable lifestyle, yoga, multisport training, and much more. The episodes include interviews with world-class athletes, nutritionists, doctors, and trainers. His goal is to empower his listeners to become their most authentic self.

The Nutrition Diva’s Quick and Dirty Tips

The Nutrition Diva is a board-certified nutritionist that serves dietary advice on a broad range of subjects in short episodes. Monica Reinagel provides people with insight into simple ways they can upgrade their eating habits and improve their health. Monica is also a trained chef and author of six books, including How to Win at Losing, Nutrition Diva’s Secrets for a Healthy Diet, and The Inflammation-Free Diet Plan. She is highly appreciated by her listeners because of the well-researched information, and it sure is one of the best weight loss podcasts as it comes from a licensed nutritionist who clearly knows what it’s all about.

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Fat2Fit Radio

Fat2Fit is an online radio show that features three experts – Helena Brigman, Jeff Ainslie, and Russ Turley – talking about how to change our lifestyle and lose weight the proper way. It’s not about quick fixes, these guys and gal are advocating weight loss through fitness, exercise, and a balanced diet. During each episode, they share insights, information, websites, and recipes to help listeners go from being overweight to slim and fabulous.

Fat-Burning Man

This award-winning podcast is the work of best-selling author Abel James. He’s the developer of the Wild Diet, through which he managed to lose 20 pounds in just 40 days. In his episodes, Abel answers his listeners’ questions and also interviews experts in alternative health, natural wellness, and Paleo. You’ll get practical information about losing fat, upgrading your overall health, and building muscle the right way.

Balanced Bites

The brains behind the Balanced Bites podcast are certified nutrition consultant Diane Sanfilippo and nutritional therapy practitioner Liz Wolfe. The two are set to change the way we view ancestral eating. Each week, they discuss topics regarding health, nutrition, and all there is to know about Paleo, as well as provide listeners with answers to their questions. What makes this one of the best weight loss podcasts is the way Diane and Liz share their valuable insight – witty, funny commentaries that make the whole experience quite personal. It’s like you’re listening to your best friends talk. With over 250 episodes available for download, this podcast is quite the treasure chest.

No Meat Athlete Radio

The podcast is hosted by vegan runner Matt Frazier. His episodes appeal vegans and meat-lovers alike. Anyone curious about plant-diet is welcomed aboard, as this is a no-preach listen. Matt talks about vegan fitness, nutrition, running, and ultra-running with experts such as Rich Roll, Leo Babauta, Chef Aj, Mike Arnstein, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, Robert Cheeke, and many others. His podcast is both informative, as well as highly entertaining.

The Paleo Solution Podcast

This giant podcast that almost sums up 300 episodes is the brain-work of former biochemist Robb Wolf. Robb is also a former powerlifting champion, that lays both his deep biological knowledge and practical mastery in easy-to-follow terms. He promotes ancestral eating, answering questions about Paleo nutrition and intermittent fasting, as well as fitness, training, and more. His weekly podcast also features guests such as Chris Kresser and Mark Sisson.

Half Size Me

If there’s one podcast listeners can relate to, then Half Size Me might be the one. Host Heather Robertson talks about losing a whopping 170 pounds and the methods through which she managed such an impressive performance. This weekly podcast is focused on weight loss and getting healthy in a sustainable way. Heather doesn’t take on a The Biggest Loser-style attitude. Instead, she promotes a slower, down-to-Earth way of losing weight that will help you maintain your physic even after a dramatic drop. What’s nice about her show is the fact that she interviews real people. Ordinary individuals can share their inspirational stories of getting fit, which makes the whole experience feel more factual. Along with resources and tips, Heather also provides listeners with answers to their questions.

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Cut The Fat Podcast

Cut the Fat episodes teach us a revolutionary system for creating our own fat loss formula through both application and science. The five-star rated podcast teams up Dr. Ray Hinish with professional figure competitor Blythe Alberg. The two offer nutritional information, training, and eating tips, as well as scientific formulas that will help you lose weight the proper way.

The Joe Rogan Experience

Joe Rogan is a stand-up comedian and sports commentator, and you can bet his episodes are some of the most entertaining you’ll get to listen to. Joe’s podcast features a broad range of guests that come from various industries, and many are health and wellness experts.

Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth

Mind Pump is hosted by Sal Si Stefano, Adam Schafer, and Justin Andrews. The guys have tons of advice for individuals looking to get in shape and start living healthy. They’ll dispel common fitness myths and the pseudo-science surrounding the fitness industry to provide real insight into the matter. Sal, Adam, and Justin will tell you all there is about fitness, nutrition, health, and more. The three have over 400 years worth of combined experience in the industry, so you know they mean business.

Trail Runner Nation

Trail Runner Nation is one of the best weight loss podcasts for the trail running community. Beginners and pros alike are welcomed to join the show. The episodes offer many tips on race nutrition, pacing strategy, mental focus, recovery, and more. And it gets better – trail running athletes and coaches are constantly being invited to weigh in on aspects regarding trail running. You’ll get top advice from highly regarded members of the community.

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