The anti-inflammation diet just makes sense.  The only thing is that it’s dubbed as a “diet” and that usually has negative connotation with it.  I think it should be The Anti-Inflammation Lifestyle because this is the mindset that needs to be cultivated in all of us in this country.  We need to understand how important it is to make really good choices that lowers our ability to get sick.  Otherwise known as heightening our ability to get well and stay that way.

One of the best books I have read pertaining to the anti-inflammatory diet is: The Anti-Inflammation Diet for Dummies, by Dr. Artemis Morris and Molly Rossiter.  I couldn’t believe that there was literally not one thing in the book I disagreed with!  That’s amazing in and of itself. Anyway, it’s easy to read, it’s broken up into logical chapters, it educates people about many of the pitfalls we Americans experience due to the food we eat, the soil our food is grown in, the way food is processed, the money behind the marketing, and many other important topics that we should not be ignorant about.  What you don’t know, CAN hurt you.

Anti-Inflammation Diet for DummiesOne of the biggest pitfalls for people when they are trying to change un-healthy habits is whether the new goals are realistic and somewhat able to be worked into the current lifestyle.  I need to digress here for a minute.  We Americans are very used to a fast paced, high stress, goal oriented society and lifestyle.  We have to recognize that we cannot have it both ways.  What I mean by that is we cannot choose to eat healthy sometimes and eat unhealthy other times and think we deserve to be in good health.  It just doesn’t work like that.  Lifestyle decisions need to be all or nothing (for the most part).  I believe that “all” means 90% of the time.  So whatever that means to you, please know that the discipline which comes with being healthy should be almost all of your life’s activities. (And by activities I mean: eating, drinking, personal habits, spiritual connection, personal growth, family time, activities which lower stress, supplements you take, air you breathe) With that being said, I feel that that the anti-inflammation diet is very realistic and easy to work into the typical American lifestyle, and this book gives many suggestions on how to do that.

Anti-Inflammation Diet for Dummies and Healthy LifestyleThe other thing the Anti-Inflammation diet for Dummies book stresses is about how important it is to incorporate the WHOLE person when looking at health.  The book promotes this philosophy which should never be discounted.  There are many tips and discussions on how the body-mind-spirit connection is real and intertwined.  When one thing is off it cascades into another and unfortunately Americans are not taught this and the medical society does not treat people like this either.  If you have high blood pressure, they give a pill – never mind why you have high blood pressure. If you get side effects from that pill, they give you another pill to help those issues.  Every symptoms is treated and if a bunch of symptoms fit into a disease category, then you are diagnosed with that disease, and now there are more pills to take.

The Anti-Inflammatory Diet for Dummies book really helps teach the typical, working, busy mom, dad, single person how to live a healthy life style that will make a difference now and the future.  I recommend everyone start by reading this book and then make it happen!  Incorporate their suggestions and start living with less inflammation and better health.