Meet Julia Price who successfully transformed not just physically but multidimensionally, losing a total of 120 pounds. Here is her weight loss journey and what she does to stay motivated and on her quest for success.

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"I trust the next chapter because I know the author." Unknown

It has been over a year and a half since I started my Breakthrough journey. The word BREAKTHROUGH signifies so much to me; I literally broke through years of failed diets and emotional baggage and lost 120 pounds. I cannot say I got to my goal weight, but I never really set a goal weight. I really just wanted to fit into an airplane seat and shop in a department store without searching out the tiny corner of plus sizes. Of course, I wanted to be healthier, that was the big impetus. Well, I really broke through and overachieved on those goals. Being a size 6 is not something that I could ever have imagined 18 months ago. My weight loss and transformation journey has been easier and harder than I imagined it would be. I don't know if my experiences are unique to me or if anyone else can relate to what I have experienced and what I continue to experience. My thought would be that there are at least few of you that are on a similar journey.

My transformation has been multidimensional. I did lose a lot of weight, a total of 120 pounds from my highest recorded weight to my lowest recorded weight. I did reverse and resolve all of my health issues. I no longer take any prescription medications. I did have an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck). I did start my own weight loss and transformation company where I help others to achieve their personal weight loss goals through the Breakthrough M2 program. I do start 6 out of 7 days a week with exercise including walking, running, strength an cardio training and yoga. However, one does not lose 120 pounds and just walk away in person. I wish it were so, but it just isn't - not for me. In addition to the great things I have experienced are some things that I continually work to figure out. l have experienced weight fluctuations, I am up to a weight that I am not comfortable with and I never did hit that crazy goal that was in my head... the one I don't admit to having. I have struggled with uncontrolled sugar and carb cravings. I am petrified that I will be fat again. I still want to eat when I'm tired, or lonely or bored or happy or upset. I am still trying to figure out what being thin means. 

Physical transformation

Physical Transformation: Julia Price Before and After

The physical transformation (weight loss) as it turns out was the easiest, at least once I found BreakthroughM2. The mental transformation, the inner game, has been more of a journey. Breakthrough is such a wonderful and effective weight loss solution and we are so excited and happy as we lose the weight, that we really don't spend a lot of time focusing on the mental transformation that has to happen. Many of us underutilize our coaches during the program as well as during Transition. We feel like we are on fire! We can do this! We got this! Right? I mean we are losing the weight we must be doing something right. Then we are done, we've transitioned, we are now THIN or THINNER at least. We don't have to follow that restrictive diet anymore, Yay! We are FREE! Our friends are excited, FINALLY...we are normal again, no more hamburger patties on lettuce for lunch and wine...dare I have that glass of wine. We get a lot of attention. "You look great!" is now the way we are greeted on the street or in the grocery store. Most of us enjoy that attention. But how long does that last? Pretty soon you are just you, people forget that you were overweight or get tired of talking about it. You may even become an "eyesore" for some of your heavier friends who do not want to be reminded that you lost the weight and they did not. Maybe you will experience some sabotage, self-inflicted or by well-meaning family or friends or just by people who are mean and unhappy. As you interact in this brave new world in your beautiful, healthy body it may become harder and harder to stick to 2 cheat meals a week. This can lead to it becoming harder and harder to step on that scale everyday or drink those 90+ ounces of water. 

The reality is that we do the things that make us feel good and we avoid the things that make us feel bad. These things might be different for all of us, but we all do it. For most of us who have completed the Breakthrough program, the thing that makes us feel the best is CLEAN FOOD (meat and vegetables) and plenty of water and sleep and seeing the scale remain at our goal weight and exercise. Simple until you add in that being thin often means getting out there and showing off our new physique. How do we do this without falling into those old patterns or creating new destructive patterns. Being social means dinner and drinks with friends, wine or cocktails on the weekends, we start avoiding the scale the morning after because we don't want to feel bad. We'll step back on after a couple of "good" days. It is really difficult to hang onto this slippery slope. The reality least for those of us who were seriously obese, that we are often unable to restrict or structure an eating plan naturally. Most of the "naturally" thin people that I have met are people who are very regimented in their habits, especially with regards to food. While they may make their routine seem very seamless or non-existent it is in fact there. They are usually militant about it and we don't really give it much thought. We all have that friend who HATES desserts, won't touch them no matter whose birthday it is. Here's a news flash, no one hates desserts, they have trained themselves with their inner monologue to avoid sweets.

We are who we think we are. There is no way to get around it. I am a quilter who loves to read and knit. I am also someone who recently lost a great deal of weight and wants to continue the journey so when a friend welcomed me into her walking group I joined. This lead to being invited to join her gym, which is now my gym. However, the mental game is so strong, even though I was working out and meeting a number of awesome athletes of all ages and stages I still saw myself as the person who hates to exercise. This image was so strong that I spent 2 months rewarding myself with food each day I walked or exercised. Instead of maintaining my weight I was steadily gaining. I actually tried to convince myself that muscle weighs more that fat when that failed I almost talked myself out of doing the exercise at all. (What do I want to be thin or fit?) What did I do? I pulled myself together and stopped rewarding myself with food for doing something that I was actually loving. I stopped telling myself that I hate to exercise. If it was ever true it is no longer true. I will be at the gym or walking or running or at yoga every morning (except Sunday) even if my friends are unable to join me. The exercise has simply become part of my daily life. I don't even really think about rewarding myself for it, because I don't even think about it, it is just something that I do every day. It is on my calendar and it happens regardless of what else needs to be done. The same with food. It is not a pacifier or a reward, it is fuel. I continue to work this point home and incorporate this thinking. This program is a lifestyle change not a diet. Do not sell yourself short by thinking it is temporary. Continue to do the things that make you feel good, do them every day until they are part of your daily life. This is how we avoid the negatives.

So I'm adding this story to the book along with the story of my struggle with sugar and carb addiction (candida yeast overgrowth-See my blog, Won the battle and quit fighting the war.) I welcome the next challenge because as I process through all these obstacles I continue to progress on my wellness journey. I trust the next chapter because I know the author. We learn nothing without failures. I continue to work on my inner game and really listen to the things that I tell myself and whether or not I need to call BS on myself. So if you are like me and continue to tell yourself things that are no longer true if in fact they ever were true, do yourself a favor. Call Breakthrough and get your "I AM AWESOME" t-shirt and wear that thing every freaking day until not only you believe it but everyone around you believes it! And as Nan says, it does not mean you are conceited! It means that you have shown up for the fight and conquered the weight. You are a survivor of obesity and processed foods and prescription drugs and failed diets. You have taken control and are continuing on the journey, BE LOUD AND BE PROUD! 

My husband sent me this quote yesterday. "He who returns from a journey is not the same as he who left." UNKNOWN. My response to it was that I believe this is the goal not the given. 

Stay tuned for my next BREAKTHROUGH moment.

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Julia Price is now the owner of her own weight loss program. You can consult with her here and follow along with her journey as she continues to crush her goals and inspire others!

Thank you, Julia Price, for sharing your moving story!