shed the poundsWLE: How many different diets did you try before Breakthrough M2 and how did you know this was the right diet for you?

COACH GEORGIA: The only real diet plan I followed was Weight Watchers. I did well while on the program. I lost the weight and became a lifetime member. Weight Watchers however, doesn’t teach you how to maintain your weight loss. I also didn’t like that they kept changing the rules. Breakthrough is simple, straightforward and a diet that is easy to follow. I knew it was right for me when I started noticing the weight loss, but also I was feeling better. I had more energy. I was sleeping better at night.

WLE: What helped you stay determined during a plateau?

COACH GEORGIA: Sticking to the basic steps. Knowing that when I followed them the scale would eventually change. Each day I completed, I knew my body was healthier and I was growing stronger mentally.

WLE: Is there a certain moment you can think of that motivated you to maintain your weight loss?

COACH GEORGIA: Knowing how good I feel and look. I want to maintain that feeling. Mentally and physically. I believe the longer you follow the good eating habits, it becomes a part of you.

shed the pounds

WLE:  I saw you weigh yourself daily still today. That takes commitment. What was your relationship with the scale before and after the diet? 

COACH GEORGIA: I do weigh myself daily. I believe this is very important in maintaining weight loss. You know exactly where you are at everyday and can make the necessary changes to your diet to maintain. (Before) I had a scale but didn’t weigh myself. I wouldn’t get on the scale.

WLE: Staying on program is difficult with holidays, weddings, etc. Were there any challenging days you just wanted to cheat? How did you get through it?   

COACH GEORGIA: Staying on program is difficult during special events. I was headstrong! I was in it to win it! I had a goal in mind and I was going to do it.  Sure, there were lots of situations. I had a game plan. I would either eat before or after the event. I took my own food. I remember being at a wedding. I had seltzer with lemon and drank my water. It didn’t bother me. I was the sober driver and I was happy about that.

WLE: Do you feel like all your work is done now that you lost the weight? How do you continue to grow (mental, spiritual, emotional, etc.)? 

COACH GEORGIA: No all work is not done. It is something you have to constantly work at. Self-care and Mental focus. I have started reading books for mental stability.

shed the pounds

Coach Georgia with her client, now distributor for Breakthrough M2, Jen Grauer (Bufflao NY Distributor)

WLE: How/Why did you become a coach?

COACH GEORGIA: I had seen the change in myself and wanted to help others change their health. I sent a message to Nan asking if coaches were needed. I was put on a list and a few months later was asked to come on as a coach.

WLE:  When did you become a coach for Breakthrough M2? What has your experience been like?

COACH GEORGIA: I started coaching February 2016. My experience has been wonderful! I have so much support from my Breakthrough team. I love my job. I have met a lot of different people. It has been fun! I also believe coach helps me stay on track with my own weight loss.

WLE: It’s one thing to do something, it’s another to teach it. What have you learned from your clients?

COACH GEORGIA: I have learned and grown from each client. Different situations have helped me grow as a coach. They have made me stronger about my coaching abilities. I have gained more experience and patience!

WLE: Do you agree with the statement your health is your wealth? What does that personally mean to you?

COACH GEORGIA: Your health is your wealth. Take care of it the best you can. It is something that you can’t buy back.

WLE: Everyday is a new day to start. We see people wait until New Years Eve resolution. After losing the weight do you feel it’s easier to set goals and know you will achieve them?.

COACH GEORGIA: I believe that it is easier for me to set goals and achieve them. I have the determination and mind set. It is a mental challenge but I have won and can win again.

WLE: Did you have a lot of support on the diet? What was your coach like? Did the online community help you? Family?

shed the pounds

COACH GEORGIA: I didn’t use my coach like I should. I guess I was self-coached. Nadine was awesome and always answered my questions. My family was very supportive. This happened only after I told my husband, NO I would not be doing step 1 (high fat days) every weekend. I can’t believe he thought that. Wouldn’t that be great if a diet could be that way and be successful?

WLE: What’s your advice for someone struggling to start a diet?

COACH GEORGIACommit to 21 days the minimum amount of time to be on the diet (Breakthrough M2 Diet). Set small goals, Take one day at a time.

WLE: Here’s a link to check out the Breakthrough M2 Diet.

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