Coach Jill’s empowering journey from long-term daily pain to thriving health, meeting her thrive tribe, and finding her calling. 

WLI: Could you tell me about your diet journey?

Jill: After a spinal injury, 2 pregnancies and a failed attempt at a cosmetic surgery to fix the body I was incredibly uncomfortable with…my desperation ended when these systems fell into my lap under the umbrella of a company which I ended up leaving my 6 figure corporate job to partner with. It has been a lifesaver and a game changer.

Coach Jill beachbodyMy journey started in 2015, with rainbow colored portion control containers…they totally put into perspective how off I was with regards to the ratio of carbs, proteins, fats… with that tweak, I lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks! Amazing! (Here’s more on nutrition prep and meal planning with Beach Body. ]

After that, I tried counting calories and macros to prep for a bikini competition and it was the prescribed way of tracking food as per the P90X fitness program I was using. With careful planning and calculations, it was very effective, but I had to eat the same foods all week to be effective with my time and stay on plan. Not my ideal.

The nutrition plan that has been a game changer however is a vegan plan where the recipes and portions are laid out, breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks…huge variation. My body reacts best to vegan and vegetarian nutrition, without processed foods. It is light and easy to digest.

WLI: What makes Beachbody superior to any other diet you’ve tried? 

Jill: Beachbody is the total solution- Fitness, nutrition, support, performance and nutrition supplements. It is the most accessible and fullest spectrum of workouts….there are multiple nutrition programs for people who work in different ways. We are always coming out with new products and programs. Our products are top notch quality and our Coaching Network is trained so well to be our best and help others do the same.

How did you find the motivation to stop tearing yourself down and get moving again?

When you know how it feels to be at your best and you feel that you are an example to others to do the same every day, you cannot be stopped. I listened to personal development every day on audibles. Filling my head with inspiration and motivation to be good, do good and serve others helps me when I feel low. Coach Jill beachbody

WLI: Weight loss isn’t just about eating, it’s also mindset. When did you come to this realization?

Jill: Recently I realized regardless of the proven systems I have at my fingertips…mindset is everything.

I still struggle with major sticking points that lend to self-sabotage.  {With….} Night Snacking, Binge Eating, Mindless Eating, Social Eating, Travel Eating And Emotional Eating

Obviously, success can only come when your mind is in the zone. Luckily my company launched a Mindset Nutrition Course recently that addressed ALL of my sticking points! It is absolutely helping.
Losing weight is funny… the scale can definitely play mind games with you. I think no matter how close you get to your “goal weight” you always see yourself as not where you want to be.
Ironically, my weight is right where it started…but not because I am failing…the opposite actually… with weight lifting and constantly changing up my routine, I am now a size 2-4 and 148 pounds. I started at 150 pounds and a size 12.

How do you help clients make the shift mentally to stay in the game for a healthy lifestyle for life?

It’s about quick course correction. Of course, we will all slip…a lot. The best thing you can do is not let it snowball..use how you feel as a gauge for what changes you need to make and keep pressing on. I remind my clients of their goals and their reasons for beginning their journey.

WLI: What was it like getting Liposuction? Do you feel it’s better to lose the weight slowly so you adjust to your body?

Jill: Omg… Smart lipo was the biggest mistake of my life. I wasted $4,500+ on it and it marred my body and did me no good. Not only that, but it left me feeling ashamed and looking worse than I had prior to the procedure. ….It was 6 months after I had that procedure that I learned that I could have achieved the results I desired on my own…I just didn’t know the tools and Coaches and community were there for me. ….Yes, Prior to any surgery, I think it’s worth trusting the process of proper nutrition and fitness to work towards your goals. Just use a proven system with built-in accountability…something that will realistically work for your lifestyle.

Did you experience plateaus? How did you deal with them?

Yes, I plateau, gain… it’s usually when I get lax with my plan. Vegan or vegetarian gets me right back on track.

Coach Jill beachbodyWhat little victories did you first notice when you started to lose the weight?

Smaller clothes…I always wore M, L…size 12’s. My first 2 weeks into my journey I bought size 8’s, 6 weeks later I was buying 6s, now xs, xxs and 4s. Way more energy, less sickness, and I require less sleep.

What helped you through emotional eating?

Chocolate! I make chocolate a 3x daily part of my nutrition plan. Breakfast, Lunch and Afternoon snack!( vegan smoothies)

How has your clients’ success changed your life?

Just knowing that my clients need me to show up so they will is enough to make me show up.

In my business, there is a lot of rejection, people not ready mentally or financially to make a change. Sometimes when you get way more no’s than yeses, it can tear you down….but then one client tells you how you are changing their life and your head gets right back in it…

That’s why I coach!!!”

Since you lost the weight and began to love yourself, did you find yourself gravitating more towards people with the same mindset?

Yes, I seek out friends with similar drive, goals and desires. I left behind negative friends and people who I don’t aspire to be like. I also have no time or effort available for dramatic people. When you surround yourself with like-minded goal oriented people, they don’t let you fall. We are there to help each other and provide accountability and love to stay in it.

Coming from an athletic background, was it hard for you to do the 30 minutes only workout with Beachbody and remind yourself that each bit counts?

Omg, I am thrilled that I don’t have to workout 2 hours a day anymore! For so long I thought I needed that much time in the gym just so I didn’t have to starve myself to avoid weight gain!

I have always been a clock watcher…so getting my 30-40 minutes in at home gives me more time for my family and my work which I love!

Coach Jill beachbodyWhat’s it like living your calling to help others rather than living someone else’s dream?

Omg… it’s a DREAM…it’s a savior. To wake up every day and live in your passion is the most amazing gift I have ever experienced. I was unfulfilled working 40 hours a week towards someone else’s dream…this is totally worth the additional hours, heart, blood, sweat and tears…yes there are tears when it is your passion and people’s lives you are dealing with daily.

What words of encouragement do you have for anyone looking to start their weight loss journey?

I think anything is possible. After 6 years of chronic back pain, and so many modalities of therapy, I thought I was doomed to a life of pain and discomfort. Weight lifting has been a godsend for me. It strengthened my body enough to compensate for its weaknesses.

How do you start your day?

I wake up around 6:30…get ready for my workout/class… feed the boys and dogs breakfast and start my workout around 7am, 7:15am…in our basement.

Any books or podcasts you recommend?

Anything by Grant Cardone (10x Rule, Be Obsessed or Be Average), Brendan Burchard- High Performance HabitsJon Acuff– Start: Punch Fear in the Face, Tony Robbins- Awaken the Giant Within, and Mel Robbin- The 5 Second Rule….to name a few. 

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