Weight loss shakes are a great way to have a quick, nutritionally balanced meal on the go. They only take a few minutes to make, and it’s easy to fit all of the required fruit, veg, protein, and vitamins into one drink. Not only are they delicious and nutritious, shakes and smoothies that pack in great and healthy ingredients can also help you to lose weight.

(There is one caution we ask you to watch for:  smoothies can be a place of high sugar if you are not careful.  Sugar, in any form, will slow down weight loss, so please make sure you don’t over do it with the fruit.  Because the fruit is being processed, most of the sugar in the fruit is easily absorbable and will increase blood sugar levels.  That could in turn, increase hunger, cause low blood sugar levels, or tiredness later on.)

smoothie stand

You can buy protein shakes, whey shakes and even organic meal replacement shakes if you want to, you can find protein powder and shake brands that get great reviews and are both healthy and tasty. However, if the average Herbalife smoothie isn’t to your liking you can opt for quick homemade recipes that are easy to get right and taste great. If you have the time and inclination, make them yourself so that you are sure the absolute best ingredients went into them. Here are a few recipes worth trying out when looking for tasty and effective weight loss shakes.

A.     Protein Shakes for Weight Loss

1.      Banana and Coffee Shake

Need a quick breakfast on the run? Throw your coffee in the blender and make a great morning shake to power you up for the day to come. Fill your blender with some cold coffee, low-fat yogurt, a banana, a bit of milk, and ground flax seed. Spice it all up with some cinnamon and nutmeg and blend it until smooth. You’ll get some great protein from the flax seed and the yogurt and the sugar and potassium in the banana will give you some much-needed energy to start the day.

2.      Oat and Berry Shake

Grab your trusty blender, throw in equal parts frozen berries and oats. Add yogurt, milk, honey, and some crushed ice and blend everything to perfection. Mix it up when it comes to the berries: more kinds of berries means more flavor, so don’t be afraid to change the recipe every now and then.

3.      Carrot and Almond Milk Smoothie

If you love carrots, this is the smoothie for you! Just peel and roughly chop a couple of carrots, place them in a sturdy blender and add some vanilla flavored yogurt and some vanilla almond milk. If you want to add some crunch into the mix you can also throw in some coconut shavings or ground hazelnuts. Use ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, and a bit of honey if the almond milk is unsweetened and blend it with some shaved ice.

chocolate shake

Meal Replacement Shakes for Weight Loss

4.      Spinach, Berry, and Pear Shake

Use equal parts of yogurt, pear, banana, strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries then add a handful or two of spinach leaves and a bit of honey. Use some milk if you want it to be less thick and add some ice cubes. Blend everything and enjoy a meal replacement shake that can top any sandwich.

5.      The Ultimate Green Smoothie

If you need an energy boost to get you through the day, this smoothie is the way to go. It’s packed with vitamins and nutrients and has a low-calorie content. Mix together a few bananas, chopped greens, and lettuce, strawberries, ground flax seeds, water and a scoop of protein powder. Blend them together well and enjoy this tasty, light treat throughout the day.

6.      Strawberry and Chocolate Shake

You’re going to love this great desert smoothie that gives you all the nutrients you need from a meal. Mix together some strawberries, almond milk, unsweetened cocoa powder, vanilla yogurt, and ice. If the almond milk is also unsweetened you can add a stevia packet or some honey into the mix to make it sweeter, just taste the strawberries first in case they’re really sweet, and you don’t need to add anything else.

nut and banana shake

A freshly blended nut and banana shake.


Weight Loss Shakes for Women with a Sweet Tooth

7.      Peanut Butter and Jelly Shake

If you really love desert but want to lose some weight and keep the sweets away from your shopping cart, you’re going to love this PB & J milkshake. Mix some frozen strawberries with natural peanut butter and a scoop of protein powder or some ground flax seeds. Add some toasted oats and low-fat milk or almond milk and blend until creamy. If you want to sweeten it up a notch, you can add a packet of stevia or a bi of diet vanilla ice cream. However, taste it before doing that since most of the time the strawberries provide enough sweetness on their own.

8.      Chocolate and Peppermint Shake

If you’re trying to slim down your waist line and miss the chocolate treats, this recipe can help you satisfy your sweet tooth without having to ruin your diet. Just grab some unsweetened cocoa powder, mix it with dark chocolate chips or shavings and peppermint extract and add some chocolate protein powder into the blender. Finish the shake by mixing in a banana, some low-fat yogurt, ice cubes and milk and blend it all together.

The Best Weight Loss Shakes to Make in a Hurry

9.      Peach and Banana Smoothie

A great option for a quick smoothie that you can enjoy on the go is this peach and banana recipe that only takes a couple of minutes to make. In a blender, mix together diced frozen peaches, frozen bananas, regular oats, and almond milk. Add some fruit yogurt and water and blend together until smooth. It’s a refreshing treat that you can enjoy at any time during the day.

10.  Orange and Strawberry Shake

Another fast recipe that you can whip up, this orange and strawberry shake is packed with vitamins and low on calories. Squeeze the juice from an orange into the blender, add a few frozen strawberries, some almond milk, stevia extract and some low-fat yogurt. Throw some ice cubes into the mix and add some protein powder if you want to make it even more nutritious and filling. If you want to make the taste more intense, add some extra orange juice and reduce the amount of almond milk instead.

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