Want a fat burning workout?

  1. Fat burning workouts contain a variety of workouts. Don’t repeat the same workouts weekly and expect to continue to see the same gains. The human body is always trying to adapt, and this is why we hit plateaus. Go on bodybuilding.com and search tricep workouts and you will see page upon page of different ways you can work your triceps. Challenge your physique by using your own weight as your weight instead of dumbells every consecutive workout. 
  2. Ultimate health is reflected in three areas– cardiovascular exercise, weight resistance and working your joints through stretches like yoga.
  3. Add TBT– TBT involves moving fluid to the joints, weight training using your own body weight and cardio. TBT stands for total body training.
  4. Keep in mind, as you lose fat, there is less of you/less weight for you to lose. It will take longer to lose weight the lighter you get. Be patient, the plateaus will end.
  5. Cardio after you lift weights/ resistance bodyweight training for at least 45 minutes. It takes the body time to warm up on the treadmill or on a walk so 30 minutes will not be enough.
  6. Please don’t forget to stretch before and after your workout.

If you push yourself on the treadmill, before lifting weights, you might find you don’t have the strength physically or mentally to push through your workout. Most important of all, weight lifting promotes using your excess fat stores for energy, but in order to do this you must burn off your glycogen stores. Weight lifting allows you to tap into the glycogen and burn excess fat while performing cardio.

How to Burn Fat: Videos of Some of The Best Fat Burning Workouts

Here are some moves you should use to create fat burning exercises


Squats aren’t exciting if you have knee issues, but what if I told you squats strengthen the muscles around your knees to help prevent future injuries?

I’m sure you’ve heard of the infamous squat challenge.

Your glutes and quadriceps are highly involved in this workout.

I used to hate leg workouts, but we must work all the muscles around our stomach to see those abs!

Here’s how to do a proper squat

Mountain Climbers

Start in the plank position. You are going to alternate between bringing your right leg and left leg in. Great ab workout to get that six pack. It’s a highly involved move.

Muscles targeted:

Full body, but especially your arms, shoulders, quads, and core

Here’s how to do mountain climbers



Lunges work your glutes, quads and your core. Plus they require us to work on our balance.

Have a baby? I love doing lunges with my stroller while the baby sleeps on our walks.


Pushups work our arms, abs, back, chest, and shoulders


Think of body rolls when you do this workout. It’s best to do this workout with a partner to spot you.

Deadlifts work your glutes, hamstrings, quads, upper/ middle/ lower back, and your abs.

Here’s a great how-to video:



I remember doing these in gym class. They involve your whole body. 


You don’t need a gym membership to create the body you desire. Between running to the beach, and using these moves I burned fat and soon saw a six-pack. I know you can do it too!