Losing weight can be a strenuous effort, and conventional methods don’t work out for everyone. Some individuals turn to herbs and other plants that have weight loss capabilities. As with most of the other herbs from the mint family, Forskolin has been in use in traditional medicine for ages. Forskolin for weight loss helps by burning excess fat. The popular Dr. Oz Show is how most people realized the weight loss potential of Forskolin. It is now widely available in the weight loss supplement market, and users should learn everything before getting it. As with any other supplement, herbal or not, you must know the possible side effects and what the substance does to the body, which is what this guide aims to tackle.

How Does Forskolin Work

According to Drugs.com, Forskolin is an extract from Coleus Forskohlii, a botanical herb used in Ayurveda medicine. It is concentrated in the roots of the plant. Traditionally, the roots were used to brew herbal tea for many ailments, but now producers sell it as a standardized extract. The fact that Forskolin is an all natural product is one of the reasons it is appealing to consumers. Customers usually consider the ingredients used in making particular supplements before using them. The weight loss market is filled with artificial supplements that come with any number of side effects. With Forskolin for weight loss, you get a natural herb that has traditional medicine to back it up.

One way that Forskolin for weight loss functions is by speeding up the fat burning process. Although there is very little clinical research on this, there is some proof that it helps burn fat. One of the studies involved 30 overweight men where 15 got Forskolin for weight loss supplements, and the remaining half received placebo pills. The Forskolin group lost considerably more fat than the other one. High fat content is the biggest threat to your body’s BMI. Note that most of the exercise routines and diets that people try out when cutting weight aim to reduce fat content. The ability of Forskolin for weight loss supplements to accelerate this process makes it less challenging to achieve this objective for someone using the product.

Forskolin is said to facilitate weight loss by increasing the production of cyclic AMP, which is critical to metabolism. Cyclic AMP is responsible for regulating the metabolism processes. Primarily, cyclic AMP works on metabolizing carbohydrates. Its function is to transfer glucose and fatty acids in tissues. An increased metabolism plays a major role in weight loss. If every time you consume carbohydrates, your body has a speedy way of breaking them down, it means will not accumulate over a certain period. Excess carbohydrates increase your body’s fats storage.
Metabolism is the degree at which your body burns calories, and it determines the amount of energy the system requires. The ability of Forskolin to increase cAMP level helps to prevent weight gain.

A few respondents to Forskolin studies experienced a loss of appetite, which can also aid in weight loss. An increased intake of food, especially the wrong kind like simple sugars can facilitate weight gain. A decreased appetite can make it less taxing to stick to a weight loss diet.

Besides weight loss, herbalists have been using Forskolin to treat heart-related conditions such as high blood pressure. The herb has traits that decrease the symptoms of high blood pressure naturally. Another advantage to cardiovascular health is the ability to rejuvenate failing tissues. Forskolin activates myocardial adenylate cyclase, which is vital in various cellular processes in the heart tissues.

In the same study that tested the power of Forskolin in weight loss, it was discovered that the herb increased testosterone levels up to 30% in the subjects involved. A high testosterone content promotes the maintenance of muscle mass. Increasing muscle is another objective of weight loss, so Forskolin can help you get a step closer. Forskolin also boosts bone density, which reduces the risk of osteoporosis.

A Few Things to Know about Forskolin

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Another study involved women participants on Forskolin. Although the tested group experienced less hunger, they did not lose weight. With this information, it is possible that Forskolin for weight loss works differently in men and women.

The most efficient way to apply Forskolin when cutting weight is to combine it with a healthy diet and workouts. Because the effects of Forskolin may be mild, helping your body along through other means can increase the effectiveness of the herbal supplement. It can also be useful in managing obesity because it prevents any more weight gain.

A dosage of 100 to 200mg of Coleus Forskohlii, which contains 10% Forskolin should be sufficient. However, manufacturers usually provide dosage instructions on the labeling.

A Word of Caution

Due to the lack of significant studies into Forskolin for weight loss, the side effects of the herb are not very apparent. However, various users complain of fast heartbeats, especially when Forskolin is taken through an IV. Stinging of the eyes and enlargement of the eye blood vessels are other possible side effects. Taking Forskolin for weight loss supplements can lower blood pressure as well. There is no sufficient information about the cautions that lactating or expectant women should take when using the herbal supplement.

As with any other supplement, you should be cautious about combining Forskolin with other medications. Although there are no documented interactions, consult your physician when considering using Forskolin for weight loss. High blood pressure drugs are particularly sensitive to interactions, so it’s safer to avoid them altogether. An individual on blood thinners, beta-blockers, and calcium channel blockers should be very careful. Someone with polycystic kidney disease should also stay away from the product.


Forskolin has received a lot of fame over the last several years as a weight loss aid. Currently, the studies into the effectiveness of Forskolin for weight loss are not very conclusive, but they do show positive results. The ability of Forskolin to accelerate the fat burning process and reduce appetite can help you cut excess weight faster. Sticking to a Mediterranean diet, avoiding sugary foods, and staying fit are some of the ways that you can make Forskolin for weight loss supplements work for you. When buying your Forskolin for weight loss supplement, always stick to reputable vendors. Read reviews on specific products to adjust your expectations accordingly.