Green tea weight loss drinks are more than just a fad diet these days. Green tea has become an essential tool for those who are working on getting their weight under control. Green tea provides added benefits with anti-oxidants and essential nutrients.

This type of tea also help us to control our weight in other ways. For instance, green tea has been proven to boost metabolism by several well-controlled studies over the past few years. Read below to learn more about how this yummy beverage can help you become both slimmer and healthier when added to a healthy lifestyle.

How Does Green Tea Work to Support Weight Loss?

Here are just a few of the ways that green tea provides weight loss benefits:

Green Tea Helps Boost Metabolism

Green tea helps boost metabolism through several different nutrients. The most studied of these nutrients are caffeine and Epigallocatechin gallate.

Caffeine Benefits
Green tea has tiny amounts of caffeine – only 20 to 40 mg per cup. This is by far too small an amount to make most of us jittery or cause harm to delicate blood vessels, but still helps to lift metabolism levels.

Epigallocatechin Gallate Benefits
Epigallocatechin gallate is an antioxidant that is known to increase metabolism. Green tea has over 7000 mg of epgallocatechin gallate per 100 grams. This is much more than is present in black tea. Those who simply market this product as a powder have been warned about making unsubstantiated claims about its health benefits before more conclusive research has proven its efficacy. But studies are coming in fast and furious with many other health benefits proven as well. For instance, it has been shown to be a potent cancer preventative.

two cups of green tea

Green Tea Helps Us Burn More Fat

Green tea weight loss drinks help us to increase our thermogenic capacity. This means that green tea helps us to burn adipose tissue for energy so we can wave bye bye to that ugly cellulite.

Green Tea Helps Us Replace Empty Calories

When green tea weight loss drinks are used as a substitute for sugary soft drinks or potentially unhealthy diet soft drinks, they prevent us from consuming extra empty calories or artificial sweeteners. Furthermore, drinking more water before meals helps us to feel fuller faster so we consume less calories.

Drinking green tea between meals can also make us less likely to snack. Studies have shown that consuming more water helps us to lose more weight, and this is one of the tastier ways to get more water into our diets.

How to Use Green Tea for Weight Loss

Green tea can be taken in many forms to enjoy the benefits. Many people like to take extracts of green tea in pill form for convenience. However, the evidence is stacking up that taking green tea in its most natural form, as a sugar free drink, is the most beneficial. After all, anything that makes us take in more clean, filtered water is great for our bodies.

Green tea can be enjoyed weak or strong, hot or cold and at any time of day. It is best to use certified organic tea and well-purified water when making green tea. Also, to avoid possible boredom, experiment with different flavors. Mint, lemon balm, chamomile and many other delicious herbs make wonderful additions to our green tea mixes.

The best way to include green tea in your diet is to make a daily routine of it. Replace those sugary soft drinks with iced green tea and curl up each evening with a pot of green tea and a good book instead of dessert. Just be sure not to add any sugary substances to it for flavor that could add empty calories that nullify its benefits. If you do want to sweeten your green tea, adding fresh or dried leaves of the stevia plant (also known as sweet leaf) gives sweetness with no sugar. Stevia can be found in most herbal shops and natural food stores. For the best flavor, aim for fresh or dried leaves instead of powdered or pill-form, which often has a bitter after taste.

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A Word of Caution About Using Green Tea for Weight Loss

First, it’s important to understand that research is still very mixed about the benefits of green tea. For instance, one study showed absolutely no fat oxidation benefits during exercise from taking green tea extract. Since these studies are conducted with various methods and with various ingredients, it’s natural to assume that the results of these studies may be different as well.

In addition, those who are being treated for any conditions should consult their doctors before beginning any weight loss regimen. During the consultation, be sure to inform physicians of all herbs being used as well as over the counter medications, so the doctors can assess possible contraindications. One of the possible contraindications may be the caffeine content of green tea weight loss drinks. Even though it is a very tiny amount, it can still be enough to do harm in very sensitive people or in those who ingest an enormous amount of green tea weight loss drinks or worse, take too many concentrated green tea weight loss pills.

The Final Verdict

The final verdict about green tea weight loss drinks is that there isn’t a final verdict yet. But there is more evidence to support the benefits of these drinks popping up every day. Since green tea is very safe to add to your diet in almost all cases, it shouldn’t hurt to give it a try and see if it works for you. Remember that it’s always important to talk to your physician when making major changes to your diet or adding a new herbal substance in any quantity. As long as we remember that old adage “all things in moderation,” we can enjoy the adding the tasty benefits of green tea weight loss drinks to our daily routine.