6 simple tips on how to lose weight

The unbelievable amount of information out there on how to lose weight is ridiculous!  Superstars from the 70’s and 80’s making money off of processed diet foods, millions of people watching skinny in-shape TV trainers whip really overweight people into shape for weeks on end to apparently get them thin and trim, doctors and chiropractors pushing weight loss plans that use GMO soy, and then of course all the tips, suggestions, to-do’s, and not-to-do’s to fill a set of Britannica encyclopedias…..AHHHH!

Let’s stop the insanity and try to make this a little simpler:

  • How to lose weight tip #1: drink water (non-fluoridated please!!).  How much? Either drink half your body weight in ounces every day or 72 ounces (for women), 96 ounces (for men), whichever one is higher.  It’s so easy, don’t skimp on this.  Water drinking alleviates so many issues including hunger, headaches, and achy joints. Did you know that your body sends the message of hunger when it’s thirsty? So before you grab a snack, drink 16 ounces of water, wait about 10 minutes and then grab the apple. 
  • How to lose weight and drinking waterHow to lose weight tip #2: cut down on your portions.  Seriously, the amount of food we get served in a restaurant is unbelievable.  1st GOOD IDEA: ask for a take out when your meal arrives.  Then after you have cut your meal in half, you have lunch for tomorrow and no guilt about finishing the food on your plate – you know we all have that rule in our American heads about those poor kids in third world countries.  2nd GOOD IDEA: Use a small side plate at home. Put your 4-6 oz. piece of protein and your starch on this plate, and no it’s not like playing Jenga; it’s one layer and no overlapping. Use a big plate for your veggies, and make sure you have 2 fruits a day.
  • How to lose weight tip # 3: Many people will argue against this point, but I say GET ON THE SCALE EVERY DAY.  OMG, really???  Listen, it’s not because I think we should all be control freaks and worry about the number.  It’s because our food and water supplies in this country are so tainted, that we have to be mindful and diligent about how food affects us.  Inflammation and bloat can come from many things, carrageenan is a great example of that of that and it is used in every dairy product – even organic many times, so watch for it.  And the thing is if you do put on a couple of pounds, you can take care of it quickly because you are getting on that scale.
  • How to lose weight tip #4: 90% of the time, either you or someone you know is cooking your food.  Whole unprocessed food.  Did you know that 95% of the calories consumed by the average American comes from processed food?     
  • How to lose weight tip # 5: Get sleep!  Yes, get your rest.  Your body is thrilled when you rest especially during the hours of 10pm – 2am.  If you are sleeping by 10pm your adrenal glands are so happy, and if you’re sleeping by 11 pm, your liver is singing Hallelujah!  Your body burns the most calories during that time frame, and it can do so efficiently and effectively if you are in a nice deep sleep.
  • How to lose weight and sleepingHow to lose weight tip #6:  stop the sugar and artificial sweeteners!  Take note about the sugar in almost everything you buy (there is sugar in seasoned salt!).  Shoot for 12-15 grams of sugar per day, which is 3-4 teaspoons at most.  You will quickly see how difficult this is when you start reading labels, but your body does not need sugar, and besides, if you are eating your 2 fruits and lots of veggies per day, you will get the healthy sugar your body should be craving.  Use stevia, and not the fake stuff, as a sweetener.  Buy it from a health food store, or the natural/organic aisle in your local supermarket, don’t get it from the baking aisle. 

Sometimes sweeping changes are too much for people.  We all have our defaults and they are so easy to go to when life gets hard or stressful.  So just start with the easy stuff.  If life is stressful, it’s not hard to drink water or switch to a smaller plate.  It’s not hard to carry stevia in your pocket and go to bed a little earlier.  Just work in one tip a week.  Master that and add another one.  Because here’s the thing, isn’t it better to do one thing right than five things wrong?  You can do it!