Americans are more overweight than ever before, and this has lead to an increase in diseases caused by obesity, such as diabetes and heart problems. But losing weight safely isn’t always easy for everyone. It takes an enormous amount of self-discipline and determination to exercise and eat right. So those who have years of poor eating habits and little motivation usually struggle the most. Because of this, many people turn to hypnosis for weight loss to help them change their thinking about nutrition and exercise, so they can lose weight easier.

What Is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a tool that is employed by professional hypnotherapists who work in the field of psychology. These professionals undergo an extensive amount of training before being certified to work with patients¬†since hypnosis influences someone’s thinking so well. If it is done right, it can embed a new pattern of thinking about a situation in a person’s mind in a matter of weeks.

Many professionals use hypnosis for people who are struggling with self-esteem, social anxiety, and fears and phobias. Sometimes, it is also used to help a person recover a memory from a traumatic event that they have blocked out or to ease the difficulty that someone is having with the cessation of smoking or another bad habit.

The following is an example of the steps of a hypnosis session:

1. A hypnosis session begins by putting a person into a trance. This is done by having them lie down comfortably while they listen to a description of a soothing experience. Perhaps, they might be asked to visualize a large bag that is leaking sand slowly from the bottom. Or they could be told to envision a path with numbers carved into them.

2. Then, once the person is deeply relaxed, the issue that has brought them in for help will be addressed. Using more imagery, they will be guided into confidently believing that they have a different perspective on the situation.

3. Afterward, the process of bringing them into a trance will be gently reversed, and they will wake up feeling refreshed and rested.

How Does Hypnosis for Weight Loss Work?

pile of junk food in a hand next to a pile of vegetables in another hand

Hypnosis for weight loss works by focusing solely on changing the eating and exercise pattern that has caused a person to gain weight. It doesn’t go into detail on why the weight gain began in the first place. It can be combined with psychotherapy to get to the root of the problem if a person desires to explore the issue further, though.

It helps if a person who goes for hypnosis for weight loss tells the hypnotherapist the specific areas that they are struggling with, though. For instance, someone who eats when they are depressed may need to have a few sessions of hypnosis to help them to ease out of their depression, so they will feel better beforehand. Their hypnosis sessions would be different than those done for someone who never feels full enough. Perhaps, they eat plate after plate of food, but nothing satisfies their inner cravings. The hypnosis session would need to be tailored to change their thinking, so they will stop eating after just one small plate of food instead.

How Do You Use Hypnosis for Weight Loss?

Hypnosis for weight loss works the best if it is done on an individual basis, but sometimes, people choose to have it done in groups as well. This usually involves ten or more people gathering together in the same room at the same time who want to be hypnotized for the same thing. More often than not, the reason that people choose to get hypnotized at the same time is because they receive a discount that is charged for the hypnosis session. But group hypnosis often ends with several participants being left out, since they have different reasons for not being able to lose weight than the others.

There are also self-hypnosis recordings that a person can download and listen to at their own convenience. These are generic hypnosis sessions that anyone can use. They are sold at a fraction of the price that is charged by a hypnotherapist, so many people choose this option instead.

The most important part of whichever form of hypnosis that someone chooses is consistency. One session is not enough to embed the new pattern of thinking in someone’s mind. Daily sessions are the best, but it is also alright for a person to have a hypnosis session on a weekly basis instead.

young woman under hypnosis in the hypnotheraphist's office

Considerations and Precautions to Consider

Hypnosis for weight loss should not be used to replace a healthy diet and exercise program. It is only meant to help a person control the habits that caused them to gain weight in the first place. So it will not be effective if someone doesn’t decrease their calorie intake while increasing their level of activity. People with health problems should talk to their doctor before they try any weight loss plan too, especially if they have any health conditions that could be impacted by changes in their diet or activity level.

It should also be noted that hypnosis doesn’t work for everyone. There are some people who struggle with relaxing enough to go into a trance for it to be effective. However, it can still help them to continue hypnosis for weight loss because it offers the power of suggestion from hearing it over and over again.

In conclusion, hypnosis is a safe and effective way to help people change their negative thinking patterns that have caused them to gain weight. It works the best when it is used repetitively for six to eight weeks. It isn’t for everyone, but if it is used as part of a healthy diet plan, it can help a person lose about three pounds per week. Anyone who is interested in hypnosis for weight loss should check with their doctor first to be sure that it is right for them.