We can’t simply lose the weight and hope to keep it off forever. There’s an underlying problem we need to become aware of. We must explore what mentally and physically weighs us down. It’s important to start keeping tabs on your inner dialogue. Do your thoughts consist of: I can’t, I won’t, I should, never, maybe, always, etc.? We can tell you all the ways to create a healthy lifestyle, but you have to be consistent with what you feed your stomach and mind.

Until recently, I never thought my thoughts created the results in my life.  I made a meme of an inspirational quote and I’ve had it in my car to remind me when I arrive at the gym I’m going in.There are so many great inspirational quotes online, but I think it’s important to have a motivational quote you created because it means so much more than just finding something online.

If you’d like to create your own meme quote using a favorite television show, movie quote, etc. go to: https://imgflip.com/memegenerator

If you wanted to pass a math exam in school what did you do? You repeatedly studied and practiced the material until you could apply the knowledge without looking back at your notes or books. The same is true with affirmations and quotes. You have to constantly study them in order to start applying them to your life. Don’t feel discouraged if it takes time to learn this new way of thinking. You can help yourself by looking at how you learn. Do you learn by listening, by doing (saying the affirmations/quotes or writing them, creating art with them, or just simply reading them over and over again).

This is one of my absolute favorite quotes because it makes you think about the limits you set for yourself and see it in a positive light. What if you could do it? You can find inspirational weight loss quotes decorations for your home or office in most department stores.

It’s completely human to decide you’ve failed before you’ve even started. I love keeping this quote where I can see it at the start of my day. For some of us, it’s our diet we are afraid of failing. Why not see yourself through to the end?

Besides can’t, won’t, don’t, etc. our perspective of all the changes we must make to be successful on a diet is imperative too. Do you see saying no to a slice of cake at a party as an investment in your goals or a sacrifice? Plus we all know losing weight isn’t easy, but would it be easier to still be the weight you weigh in the long run? Your health would tank in the long run.


Is losing weight the right wording? The only thing we like to lose is weight. Do you like losing your socks or remote for the t.v.? Look at it this way.

Sometimes we aren’t hungry and we’re just thirsty, tired, angry, or lonely. You can keep this one around to remind you when you are about to open a fridge or cabinet to ask yourself if you’re really hungry or is the problem something else?

We’ve all learned at some point people can’t change for us they must change for themselves.


Humor can be inspirational. Here are some funny weight loss quotes.






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