Jeneen was convinced this was her last straw, if she didn’t lose the weight on Breakthrough M2’s program then she’s done dieting. She tried every diet you can name from the cookie diet to Weight Watchers. “I think that I was just at the point that this was my last attempt to lose the weight. I wanted to make sure I gave 100% to it. If I didn’t give 100% and it didn’t work then it’s my fault. If I gave 100% I had no one to blame.“

A people pleaser, she told no one she was doing this diet. Looking for validation from others was not going to help her keep the weight off. She felt empowered and ready to do this diet for herself and no one else. It’s not even a diet to Janeen, it’s more than that. Breakthrough M2 is a lifestyle. This winning attitude led to her losing 87 lbs in 141 days.

According to Jeneen, losing weight doesn’t mean your life is fixed, perfect. If you weren’t happy before the weight loss, you won’t be happy after. Similar to dating, it’s like looking for happiness outside yourself and realizing that the other person or the weight wasn’t why you’re unhappy.  There are reasons deep within you that caused you to gain the weight. Jeneen credits true weight loss and weight maintenance to learning to see your beauty, to respecting yourself, and creating healthy relationships with not only food but the people around you. Healthy boundaries are so important. She kept these affirmation tiles in her home to help her accomplish all her inner work: I will love, honor and respect myself. I am a conqueror. Today is the best day of my life. These affirmations are available on tiles at the Breakthrough M2 store and on their online store.

She’s still peeling back layers and learning more about herself, and she’s prepared to continue this journey of self-discovery for the rest of her life. As Jeneen said, “the real roots to weight loss are not in the food you eat, but your self worth.” She’s become conscious of her habit to pick up food when she’s bored so she makes sure to stay busy. Another trigger for her is sitting in the kitchen or living room watching television. She makes sure if she’s going to watch a movie it’s in the bedroom instead, away from the pantry. In the past, when she felt guilt or shame food was her sole companion.

She heard about Breakthrough M2 through an old coworker who had told her how she believed nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. This statement was unrelatable for Jeneen until she lost weight. Now,  this statement has a whole new meaning for Jeneen -nothing tastes as good as healthy feels.

Goodbye boxy, unshapely clothes, Jeneen has more options than she ever had before in the plus size section. She’s learning to pick out clothes that flatter her and has no issue sharing what size she’s wearing now. She gets so excited about shopping to the point she has to make sure she doesn’t spend all her money. 

Now she walks with confidence. She no longer has to feel like her stomach is in her throat while tying her shoes. Every single time she looks in the mirror she’s in shock at how flat her stomach is.

Nothing tops her daughter’s reaction hugging her.

When your 16 year old daughter gives you a hug and gasps and says “MOM I can touch my elbows with my opposite hands when I huge you!!!”

She’s inspired her family to follow in her weight loss journey. Her mother, mom’s neighbor, sister-in-law, and her friend have all completed the diet. They were so proud of Janeen and felt if she could do it, then they were ready to jump on board too. She’s found herself inspiring people outside her circle, thanks to social media.

Through all her positive posts on the Team Breakthrough Page, someone reached out to her about being each other’s accountability partner. Even to this day, they check in with each other. When one wants to cheat, they ask the other how will you feel later on if you eat this? Sure it feels great for the few minutes you eat something, but we wear in pounds on our body what we eat. So choose wisely. As Jeneen said about cheating  “A moment on the lips, stays on the hips.”

The inner battle for validation from others is still there, but Jeneen reminds herself her own validation is enough to reach her goals outside weight loss. She’s not perfect, sometimes she wonders if her business making bags will go anywhere. To keep her on task, away from her doubting thoughts that want her to be distracted by other things than her goals, Jeneen sets a time in her schedule for what she loves. We all need to do this!

Have a special occasion coming up while on a diet? Here’s a tip from Jeneen: “Be true to yourself and make healthiest decisions you can. There are times I go out and I have what I shouldn’t have had. You have to realize how you feel after, take note. A friend said people brought donuts to work. The phrase- a moment on the lips goes on the hips. A moment on your taste buds- you have to live with that- you’re in your body as long as you’re alive. The time you spend feeling good or not feeling good outweighs the moment your taste buds experience second.”

For those struggling to get started on their 2019 weight loss goals. Jeneen advises you that you owe it to yourself You owe it to yourself to give 100%, to go all in! It’s just six weeks! You got nothing to lose other than the pounds! Never try anything other than this program. Nothing compares to Breakthrough M2.” Check out Breakthrough M2. 

Check out Jeneen’s bags here.