WLI: How many diets did you try before you found the right one that worked for you? How did you hear about Breakthrough?

BARBARA: I tried so many diets I honestly lost count.  I heard about Breakthrough from my hairdresser.  I realized Breakthrough was the right diet for me after a few weeks in when I was seeing results and began feeling better.

WLI: Who or what do you attribute to your success on the diet? (Facebook team, office, family, friends, etc.) 

BARBARA: The Facebook group definitely helped with encouragement and meal ideas. I also used Chef Angela for some meals.  She was fabulous! My husband was also very supportive and I had some friends at work who were also on the diet.

WLI: Weight loss isn’t just food. What other lifestyle changes did you make while on the diet and after? (gym, yoga, meditation, etc.)

BARBARA: After the diet, I began going to the gym.  During the diet I became much more mindful of my hunger levels and how satiated I could be on a lot less food.

WLI: Going on a diet is an opportunity to learn about your body. Is there anything you don’t eat now because you understand your body more? Any new habits?

BARBARA: I don’t really eat any white flour products and very few carbs. I drink a lot more water.

WLI: Beyond changing your diet, how have you grown mentally, spiritually and emotionally on the Breakthrough M2 program? 

BARBARA: I feel so much better now that I understand how my body functions nutritionally and what it needs and does not need.  I felt emotionally more balanced as I had better control of my habits. I view myself now as someone who can control urges and understand what my body can do.  

WLI: How did you deal with plateaus?

BARBARA: I just pushed through them and tried not to become discouraged.  I also drank more water.

WLI: What’s the secret to surviving special occasions, weddings, holidays, going out to eat, etc. while going through a lifestyle change/ diet?

BARBARA: I would plan ahead and if I knew there weren’t going to be healthy choices I would bring my own food.  I traveled with cucumbers and salsa a lot! I brought kale chips, that I made, to the movies.

WLI: Did adding more foods to your diet in transition and beyond cause you to feel fearful/ anxious of gaining weight again? Or were you excited to add new things?

BARBARA: I was anxious at first.  It was hard to let go of the low cal phase and I was extremely careful when I first went on transition.  After a whil,e I enjoyed adding in new foods.

WLIWhen did you weight loss battle begin? When did you know you won?

BARBARA: My struggle began when I started perimenopause and I knew I won when I could eat three meals a day and not put weight back on.  I continue to weigh myself everyday to maintain.

WLI: How has your lifestyle change inspired others in your life to make a change and choose their health as their wealth?

BARBARA: Several of my friends have joined Breakthrough!!

WLI: What’s your secret to maintaining your weight loss?

BARBARA: I don’t eat carbs.  When I go out to eat I stay away from bread, potatoes and starchy foods.  I do go to the gym 3-4 days a week.

WLI: What’s your advice for anyone struggling to start a diet?

BARBARA: To trust that you can learn a new way.  Breakthrough can help you unlearn bad habits and learn new habits that will work for your body, it is possible to eat in moderation.

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