Weighed Down By Life’s Circumstances

Desperate and stressed to lose weight, Anthony Bayer was not seeing fast results and wanted to end his life. Obesity wasn’t the only reason he felt suicidal, there was the stress and trauma from bullying, years of loneliness, sexual abuse, homelessness, losing his job, abusive parents, anorexia, and bulimia. Yet, circumstances were not to define Anthony’s life. He weighed 166 kg (around 366 lbs). Determined to turn his circumstances around, he came to an important realization not all dieters realize.: 

“You know I found out true success to my own weight loss story was just simply doing it for myself.

I lived my life through too many people’s eyes. I took on what they said and completely believed it. I became what they believed I was.

I wasn’t good enough. (Either they thought) I was too fat, I was too ugly, I didn’t have a nice body, or  I was too young (20 years old). My life was being controlled like a video game, because I was constantly trying to seek the approval of everyone around me.

It is like a double-edged sword. (My desire to please others) got me up and it got me moving, learning new ways, and new things to push my body to the max, and to understand myself on a completely new level.

But as I said before, (double-edged sword) after being on such a good high, feeling great, knowing I was looking great, it took just a simple few words to bring me down. As simple as a rejection from someone saying I was fat make my world end.

I was spending countless nights, crying with my fingers down my throat, and throwing up every meal I ate. All because I couldn’t make the world happy around me and I wasn’t losing weight fast enough.

After pointless ways of hurting myself, I knew I couldn’t be doing this to myself anymore. What I thought was the way to impress my peers, and  gain the approval of everyone around me was killing me slowly. It was tearing me away from what true success was and what true happiness is.

It took so much pain and hurt in my heart until finally, I woke up, and I realized what I was doing was wrong. I don’t need the approval of anyone.

I don’t need people to tell me I’m ok, or I’m perfect and skinny enough to be loved. I needed to tell myself that. Plain and simple, Anthony Bayer controls his own destiny, his own life.

That day I decided I was going to become an inspiration. I was going to be successful no matter what it took. I’ll show the world that no matter what, you can do it… With a little hard work and determination you can become what you most desire, and for me, that was to show the world I lost weight and a damn lot of it.”

Anthony’s Transformation from Obese to Beast

No longer focused on unrealistic goals, Anthony sought a plan for success from the local gym and started the keto diet. He stayed on the keto diet for six months.  After twenty years of being overweight and bullied Anthony’s transformation from 166 kg to 98 kg showed his resilence above all the adversity in his life (about 366 lbs to a little over 216 lbs). Now nothing can weigh him down, not his weight or the old weight of self-doubting beliefs.

In the past, his lack of confidence kept him from finding the woman of his dreams. His journey started out of loneliness, but he was not lonely enough to forget how people treated him before he lost weight and gained confidence. He had never had a girlfriend, never been kissed, never so much as had a girl bat an eye at him and never had sex. Now he can’t walk in a room without attention. Choosing to focus on himself is what manifested the woman of his dreams into his life.

obese to beastThe weight may be gone, the constant battle with the mirror is not.  

These thoughts still plague him, I’m not good enough, or why is my partner dating me? This often resorts in him pushing his body harder.

To destroy the inner negativity, Anthony reminds himself “Stop! You’re doing amazing!.” He believes this isn’t a battle that just ends, but one he’ll have to keep reinforcing within himself. He was overweight for so long, thought patterns don’t just change overnight.

obese to beastHe’s currently working on being mindful of how quickly he eats.

Overeating was a form of safety for Anthony. Before he ended up in foster care, Anthony didn’t know when the next meal would be because his parents spent their grocery money on their drug addiction. When his parents did buy food he had only 30 seconds to eat it before his parents shoved his face in it or threw it out.

His upbringing resulted in his anorexia.  When he started living at his foster home, his survival tactic kicked in to eat as much as he could, out of fear tomorrow’s meal wasn’t promised. To prevent binge eating he affirms to himself “I’m safe.”

obese to beastThrough his heartfelt success story,  Anthony rose to social media fame in the city of Brisbane, Australia. He loves the attention because it keeps him accountable. 

Anthony’s secret to maintenance is don’t just train, but be happy you’re doing it.

Go to the gym with the right attitude. Don’t go to the gym with the attitude of, “Oh Crap I have to go to the gym now.”

Anthony advises, “It’s a balance…” Part of happiness is creating a happy balance between socializing and your healthy lifestyle. Obsessing over your own image can cause you to lose friends or miss out on opportunities. As Anthony said, “We have one life and we weren’t born to spend it in the gym.”

obese to beastTo anyone looking to lose weight, Anthony recommends taking off your clothes, going in front of the mirror, and telling yourself you are good enough and you can do this. He enforces this because he knows weight loss is mindset first, then nutrition and training. Anthony full-heartedly believes the most important reason you have to do a diet is for yourself. If a potential client doesn’t have this mindset, he won’t work for them. He’s not after money or fame. He wants to create lasting change in the lives of his clients.

Anthony recommends not committing to a weight loss plan alone. 

He wishes he had someone there to support and push him when times were tough. Currently, Anthony is helping to train a friend who has Type 2 diabetes. If he doesn’t lose the weight he’ll have to start insulin. He’s been training every day at the gym with Anthony. “He’s pushing himself every single day passed his pain threshold and most importantly, passed his own mental blocks.”

obese to beastWhen he doesn’t feel like going to the gym or sticking to his diet, Anthony reminds himself of all the positive feedback on Facebook and how far he has come.

Maybe you don’t have a bunch of compliments on Facebook. I had a friend once suggest I ask friends for 5 traits they love about me. Keeping that list handy helped me pull through some dark times. We need to remember our dark times are just an opportunity to grow.

obese to beast

Anthony’s story reminds us to no matter what, don’t stop reaching for your goal. You’ll look for all the excuses in the world. Anthony fell jobless and homeless on his journey, but he did his best and when he needed, restarted the journey. Look what hard work and perseverance can help you to lose and gain!

To get started with Anthony you contact him on his business page: https://www.facebook.com/goodmananthony93/

He’s also for hire as a speaker for your event.