We all dream of a permanent weight loss diet plan – one that will finally help us stay in shape for good. While the best way to lose weight fast and safely is to combine exercise with dieting, you can focus your energy on diet plans for weight loss and find the best weight loss diet plan. You should be prepared, though, as a healthy permanent weight loss diet plan involves:

  • thorough meal planning (creating your custom weekly menu),
  • counting your daily calorie intake,
  • considering the idea of detox,
  • staying away from unhealthy food and replacing it with raw fruits, leafy green veggies, natural smoothies, juicing, and more.

It is a serious commitment that you need to think through before getting into, and you need to be aware of the fact that it is a long-term goal that needs to be maintained through daily habits. Nevertheless, is there really such thing as a permanent weight loss diet plan? Does a weight loss diet plan for men differ from a weight loss diet plan for women? How many reliable diet plans for weight loss are there? Most importantly, is there a best weight loss diet plan available? You will find all of the information you need in our free guide below.

after weight loss body

The ideal post-weight loss body.


Best Weight Loss Diet Plan

To begin with, is there a best weight loss diet plan out there? We all long for a quick, easy, balanced diet plan that will guarantee that keep shedding pounds for years to come… but is this realistic? The truth is that diet plans for weight loss are numerous and that there is not a crowned best weight loss diet plan that applies to everybody.

First of all, the amount of calories that you should consume on a daily basis strictly depends on personal factors, such as height, current weight, age, or gender. Based on your data, you must calculate how many calories you should eat on a daily basis to lose weight in a safe and healthy way. While 1200 is a general average for a daily calorie intake, you need to find what strict amount is best for your body.

Secondly, our bodies are extremely different from each other. A permanent weight loss diet plan that works for me might not work for you. Our metabolisms are different, as well as the foods that our body works best with. The key is to find balance and weigh out the diets available to you. It might take 7 days for you to get used to it, or the process might go from a week to 2 or 3 weeks, to 30 days or even more. Remember to stay patient and confident throughout the process.

Thirdly, a weight loss diet plan for women will be very different from a weight loss diet plan for men. In this regard, a diet plan for losing weight also depends on:

  • your day to day activities,
  • whether you’re a vegetarian or vegan or not,
  • whether you take whey protein,
  • whether you have high blood pressure or low blood pressure,
  • whether you’re diabetic or not,
  • whether you require a ketogenic diet based on carb intake or not.

The list can go on forever. Find out which one of the permanent weight loss diet plan options below is right for you.

Diet Plans for Weight Loss: 3 Popular Options

You can literally find an infinite list of diet plans for weight loss, but there aren’t that many that are backed up by scientific research and are supported by the medical community. Three diet plans that are not only popular but also efficient are Volumetrics, Pound Cure, and Weight Watchers.

food pyramid

Pound Cure – While The Pound Cure is known for providing excellent results, the diet plan does take time, patience, and focus to get there. You have to make a dozen small alterations to your current diet that will help you put a stop to cravings and the feeling that you are hungry.

Volumetrics – Developed by Barbara Rolls, Ph.D., Volumetrics is a weight loss plan that works by consuming fewer calories for each bite in a normal volume. No starvation involved, just making sure that your calorie count is low and that the foods you eat are rich in water (like your favorite fruit or vegetable).

Weight Watchers – It is impossible not to know about Weight Watchers, and one of the reasons why is that their diet plan actually works. What makes their solution so great is that you can enjoy the foods you love, but moderately. You work with a point system for high-fat and low-fat foods and combine your diet with exercise for amazing results.

Weight Loss Diet Plan for Women: 2 Options

Like we previously mentioned, ladies and gentlemen require different types of weight loss diet plans. Here are two options that have proven to be effective as a weight loss diet plan for women:

weight loss stories of success

Your Best Body (Women’s Health Magazine) – Women’s Health Magazine speaks about Your Best Body, a 6-week weight loss diet plan for women that involves eating approximately 1500 calories per day. This average won’t lead to you starvation while helping you keep your energy levels up throughout time.

5 Week, 1350-Calories/day Diet (Health.com) – The weight loss diet plan for women showcased on Health.com involves feeling full and stopping your cravings, by consuming 1350 calories daily for five weeks. You get full breakfast, lunch and dinner plans, as well as snacks and treats in between to ease the process.

Weight Loss Diet Plan for Men: 2 Options

Men can look into one of these two sample options for their weight loss diet plan for men:

men weight loss

4 Week Fat Burning Meal Plan (Men’s Fitness) – This simple 4-week plan by Men’s Fitness includes recipes, grocery lists, and everything else a gentleman needs to burn fat thoroughly in four weeks.

28-Day Fat-Burning Diet and Meal Plan (Muscle & Fitness) – This rapid and extreme diet plan by Muscle & Fitness for men is developed by a professional bodybuilder that tailored his techniques for those who are not.

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