The salt water cleanse, also known as the salt water flush, seems to be a safe way to clean your colon and detox your body. At least that is what some specialists state. I am sure you all have heard about the term of colon cleanse. Although salt water cleanse is not that popular or well-known, it is a lot more effective as well as simpler than other methods. Let’s see the way this cleanse works and its pros and cons.

three glasses of water with a lemon

What Is Salt Water Cleanse?

A master cleanse, or a salt water flush is created to clean both your digestive system and colon, boosting your bowel movement. Salt is a required element if you want your organs to function properly. However, too much of it might cause health issues, so balance is key. Lately, a salt water flush has become a part of a master cleanse.

How Does Salt Water Cleanse Work?

The whole idea behind the salt water cleanse is the fact that your body will naturally start a waste elimination and a detoxification process, once you ingest salt water. This way, your entire digestive system will get back on the right track. We tend to eat a lot of processed foods that slow down our metabolism as well as our bowel movement. It is said to make you feel less weighed down as well as less sluggish.

The master cleanse concept has gained a lot of popularity, especially among celebrities. It helps them lose weight quick, and it is based on liquids. During this program, you will be required only to ingest water or lemonade. As you can see, it is a very low-calorie diet. However, you must be careful when keeping this diet and make sure you don’t prolong its period because it might have negative effects on your body. These consequences might appear because you will not eat any solid foods, and your body will be deprived of fibers which are needed by your digestive system.

During the salt water cleanse, you must drink a daily detox liquid. All you have to do is to mix two teaspoons of sea salt with warm water. Then, you must drink it first thing in the morning. Your stomach must be empty; you cannot have any solid foods in it before drinking the salty water.

Some even recommend you to lay down for about 30 minutes, supporting your body on its right side. It is said that this method helps the liquid flush your intestines. If you want, you can also massage your belly in a gentle manner. At first, you will probably have troubles drinking the liquid because it is not tasty at all.

Tips on How to Drink Salt Water Properly

Therefore, you should use one of the following ways to make the process easier and quicker:

  • Drink it all at once. Don’t stop to rest because you might not be able to continue.
  • Press your fingers on your nose while you swallow the liquid. This will hide part of the unpleasant taste.
  • Don’t drink directly from the glass. Instead, you can use a straw.
  • Some even suggest drinking the salt with a small amount of water like in a shot. Then, you can drink the rest of the However, this method is not as effective as the original one, in which the salt is mixed with the entire water quantity (one quart).

How Often Should You Keep a Salt Water Cleanse?

sea salt in a bowl

Normally, you can keep a saltwater flush any time and as often as you want. On the other hand, specialists state that this cleanse might block the healthy bacteria production from your digestive system. If you keep this flush too often, you might become dehydrated. Also, your skin and organs might suffer from lack of necessary calories and nutrients.

Although some people keep a drastic fast, not eating any solid foods, you can opt for a milder solution. While you do a salt water cleanse, you can eat solid foods. But make sure to choose only light ones such as vegetables and fruits. These will not interfere with your flush program. To avoid constipation and other issues, when you finish your cleanse period, introduce solid foods back into your daily diet, in a slow manner.

Pros and Cons of Salt Water Cleanse

Salt Water Flush Benefits

  • Promotes weight loss. Some specialists recommend you to follow certain guidelines while you are on a salt water cleanse. For example, you should drink salt water on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning. Once the water enters your body, it will start the cleansing process, by helping your colon eliminate feces. Moreover, it will regulate your metabolism, supporting your gastrointestinal system, which will absorb nutrients in a quicker way. Salt water acts as an appetite suppressor.
  • Boost sports performance. Salt water cleanse is recommended for athletes as well because an intense physical activity might lower their blood sodium concentration. We sweat a lot when we work out. Sodium is flushed out of our body through perspiration, which can further lead to muscular cramps and other health issues. Therefore, before every athletic activity, you should drink a glass of salt water to enhance your performance.
  • Cleanse your colon. A salt water flush is a great way to heal your colon’s irritations and clean it from feces and toxins. Also, if you suffer from mild digestive burns, this remedy can easily and effectively treat them. Salt water has purgative properties, and its controlled consumption is even suggested by the Colon Cleansing and Constipation Resource Center. Cleaning your colon will help you avoid further health conditions and will even restore your mineral imbalance.
  • Fights against infections. A salt water cleanse is a strong and effective infection fighter. Salt water has certain properties that combat infections. This is why, many people use it to get rid of coughing, throat soreness, and other issues. Salt water can prevent you from getting a cold.

Salt Water Cleanse Dangers

  • Dehydration. According to some doctors, drinking salt water on an empty stomach can lead to several issues, including dehydration. This element cleans your colon by stimulating your bowel movement. However, sometimes it may lead to diarrhea, which dehydrates your body. So, if you are doing a salt water cleanse, you should make sure to drink a lot of plain water throughout the entire day.
  • Electrolyte imbalance. It is well-known that salt makes your kidneys work more and harder. This mixed with water flushing through your system might cause an electrolyte imbalance. It resembles dehydration. Your organism must have the proper amount of fluid in order for the electrolytes to stay in balance. Whether you are overhydrated or dehydrated, these elements can be in trouble. And, believe me, you don’t want your electrolytes to be out of order because this leads to muscle issues, heart rhythm disturbances, and confusion.
  • Nausea. This is another consequence of a salt water cleanse. You might experience nausea because, during the flush, you cannot eat solid foods. Therefore, your body will lack nutrients and other elements that are essential for a healthy and proper body functioning. If you have health issues, you shouldn’t do a salt water flush until you consult a doctor first.
  • Vomiting. Not everyone tolerates a salt water cleanse. Some might even experience unpleasant reactions such as nausea and vomiting. Although these are not deadly symptoms, they still can damage your esophagus as well as causing muscle aches. If you have this reaction to the salt water cleanse, you should give up on it and not try again.

Salt Water Flush Recipe

a jar of lemonade

It is easy to prepare a salt water flush recipe. The following recipe takes only five minutes to complete, and it is for one serve. You will need the following ingredients:

  • One glass jar with a lid.
  • Two teaspoons of sea salt.
  • Two tablespoons of lemon juice and a cup of lemon water.
  • One liter of hot water (filtered is the ideal choice).

First, heat up the water but make sure not to boil it. Mix all the ingredients together and pour the liquid into the jar. Close the jar with the lid and start shaking it vigorously. This way, the sea salt will completely dissolve. You can stop shaking once all the granules are gone.

The ideal way to drink this mix is by ingesting it quickly, in just a few minutes. The goal is five minutes. Then, lay down in a horizontal position and gently rub your belly. Even better, try to support your body on just one side, preferably the right one. Your main goal now is to maintain the liquid inside of you for at least 30 minutes. Otherwise, the salt will not be completely absorbed.

Bringing It All Together

With the salt water cleanse, you will experience several bowel movements within one or two hours from drinking the liquid. Although this method is quite safe and most people manage to clean their colon properly, some will not be able to have bowel movements due to different causes such as sodium deficiency, intestinal system damage, and more. Moreover, those of you who retain water should think twice before trying this flush. All in all, salt water cleanse is a natural way to eliminate all your colon’s residues. For your own safety, you should consult a doctor before doing this flush.

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