Tom DeLaure went from 280 lbs corporate executive to 180 lbs corporate executive on the cover of magazines worldwide. Renown for his keto diet knowledge, celebrity personal training, entrepreneurship, and anti-inflammatory diet. He’s the CEO of Science-Based Six-Pack Abs, a diet based on eating clean at certain hours, intermittent fasting, combined with exercise. There are so many people out there who doubt his knowledge of science, but DeLaure is well versed from owning an ancillary lab.

Born an athlete, DeLaure lost focus chasing his dreams in the corporate world. A few naturopath doctors he worked with at the lab said to him, “Thomas, you know something’s got to change. You’re not exactly a healthy person that’s in the healthcare industry. You can’t be doing what you’re doing and eating and living a lifestyle that you’re living.” Tom made the connection between being healthy means being able to progress in his career, a connection not everyone makes until they are ill. I am in awe of how DeLaure made sure to look at why he ended up going down this path rather than just seeing the weight as the problem. Surrounded by doctors and physicians at work, he learned so much about the keto diet, fasting, and inflammation and used the knowledge to transform his life. He lost 100 lbs in little under a year and a half. The key to his success was implementing an anti-inflammatory diet and intermittent fasting then the keto diet.

What is intermittent fasting? h

Tom is an expert in not only intermittent fasting but dry fasting and water fasting. He believes in the benefits of intermittent fasting, but it’s not for everyone. For at least three days per week, Tom is intermittent fasting. It consists of at least 16 hours dedicated to fasting and 8 hours to eat. This does not mean 8 hours of pure eating, it could be just 2 hours you spend eating.  He tries to get one 24 hours fast in per week. Sometimes he will do a 48 hour fast. A 24 hour fast allows your body to recycle cells, autography. Your body is killing off bad cells and stem cell regeneration in your immune system. Like anything else, too much of a good thing isn’t good for you. You’re meant to take breaks while fasting. 

Why you should consider fasting

By fasting, we reroute where our body pulls energy by taking fats and turning them into ketones. Your blood sugar may feel low, but after a few days, your body adapts.

Thought leaders around the globe believe if we limit our food intake, our cells can live longer, thus we can live longer. He mentions how the Hindu and other Asian cultures add fasting to their lifestyle. Notably, these cultures have longer life expectancies.

24 hours of fasting.

Doesn’t sound healthy, does it? According to Tom, we need to retrain our minds from the comfort of our Pavlovian response to eat when we wake, eat midday and eat at night, to what works best for our bodies. Fasting allows our cells to go back to what they did for our ancestors, learn to survive on their own if we’re not eating every 2 hours.

Insulin is secreted from the pancreas every single time we eat and it’s not easy on the body. We simply are not designed for so many insulin waves.

The Science-Based Six-Pack Abs program emphasizes the importance of not fasting daily.  As long as you are following a strict clean diet, fasting is beneficial.

Don’t fear to waste away.

You won’t lose muscle during intermittent fasting, but you will lose weight. It helps with reversing oxidative stress, reversing inflammation, stopping Type ii diabetes and so much more.

Tom pinpoints the importance of timing in reference to exercise and when you eat. 

If you wait for your fast to end and eat then go to the gym you are putting a lot of stress on your body. Our bodies utilize energy to break down food, so the blood is going to our core to do this. Once we start exercising, we are forcing the blood to pool out to our limbs and now we are not properly digesting our food. It’s best to exercise before you eat.

Why choose Science-Based Six-Pack Abs

Tom’s program has no mysteries to it. There’s an entire meal plan you get and loads of videos to watch. All you have to do is apply yourself. You even get a coach to reach out to. Not every diet is for everyone, but this could be the one that works for you. The best diets restore your health.

Wellness Mama has a great podcast featuring Tom you should check out, plus loads of videos Tom posts online weekly. He is a wealth of knowledge both during and after his program.

Are you incorporating intermittent fasting in your diet plan? We’d love to hear about it your fat burning journey!