What is Self Discipline to You?

self discipline

What comes to mind when you hear the word discipline? At a young age, the word gets a bad reputation from our parents and school as punishment for doing something wrong. It’s time to abandon this self-destructive definition.

Self DisciplineA large part of dieting involves self discipline. You cannot perceive a diet as a punishment if you want to complete it. Dieting gives us a sense of self discipline because we are gaining control again of our plate portions, avoiding trigger foods, stopping the medications, and shaping our new lifestyle.

Think of self discipline as freedom. 80% of the population lives status-quo and 20% live a Level-10 Life,  all thanks to self discipline. You cannot move into 20% land if you keep walking blindly and mindlessly with the poor me victim attitude. Keep making excuses for yourself and not taking responsibility for your TWA’s (thoughts, words, actions) if you are comfortable at your current weight.

Commitment and Self Discipline

So suck it up buttercup for now! When you feel like abandoning self-discipline, keep all hands on deck and sail at high speed towards your goal.

self disciplineWhat did it feel like when you first decided to commit to your diet? I want you to write it down. Commit to reading what gets you excited about your diet every morning before you start your day. Maybe it’s going off the medications or tying your shoes without a struggle, or wearing something you actually love. Something else you should write down is how great your new diet makes you feel. Do you feel more energetic?

There’s going to be ups and downs during your weight loss. You will hit plateaus where you measure yourself or weigh yourself and there does not seem to be a change. You’re going to want to decide this isn’t working and I can’t lose the weight, but you cannot give up. When you feel like giving up remember you can’t use old keys on new doors. Quitting won’t lead to your weight loss only staying committed will.

Self Improvement Tips to Master Self Discipline

self discipline

How do you stay committed? If you want to see self-improvement you have to believe in it. Here are some self-improvement tips to master self discipline.

1. You need to decide you will be successful. No if, and/or buts about it. There’s no I might be successful or I hope I can do this diet. You are doing this diet. You will be successful on this diet.self discipline

2. Promise yourself you will play fair and follow all the rules on the diet. It’s unfair to cheat on a diet and decide the issue is the diet.

3. Don’t tempt yourself. Don’t prepare non-dietary food for others if you think it will result in sabotage. If you must cook for your kids, prepare your food first and eat it before cooking theirs.

4. If you are going to a social event eat before you go. Do not offer to bring dessert. If you must, bring something healthy like a fruit bowl.

5. Don’t say you’re going to do something and not follow through. If you can commit to your health think of all the goals you have that you will be able to commit to.

6. Rise early in the morning and set your intentions. Read your reasons in your journal for doing the diet. What will you do today to be successful on your diet? State what you are going to accomplish this day! We are calling them the “I’m Do-ings”

7. Start with your “I am’s” and your Self-Love statement; this is a great time to include praying or meditating. Visualize being the weight you want to be. Tell yourself I am healthy.

8. Say your “thankfuls” and make new “thankfuls” daily. Set out to write 10 things you are thankful for everyday.  You will find you have more than 10 over time. Make it challenging and don’t allow yourself to repeat all of them daily. I’ve lived in an apartment where my landlord would turn off the hot water while I’m in the shower and rent was $1000 for a one bedroom. I’m thankful for hot water. It’s something small, but some people don’t even have it. Look at the little things like heat in the winter or air conditioning or shelter in the summer heat.self discipline

9. Do some movement: stretching, dry brushing before a shower, 2 minutes of gentle bouncing on the balls of your feet in the morning, or 10-minute detox yoga. Youtube is a great resource if you’re looking to save cash, but want to exercise at home without a class to pay for or the monthly gym fee.

10. DO NOT allow the world to come into your alone time until YOU ARE DONE. No opening facebook, emails, or text messages. Everyone can wait. We all need time set aside for ourselves daily.

11. Control negative chatter in your mind. Meditation is great for this. Acknowledge your doubt, but know it is just fear. See what happens when you believe you can achieve success.

12. Self discipline quotes can be found throughout this article. Place them somewhere you can see them at home as a reminder.

13. Read something inspirational in the morning. Some great self discipline blogs are: Live your Legend Blog, IQ Matrix Blog, Hack the System Blog, Zen Habits Blog, Entrepreneur Magazine, The Balance, Facile Things and there are so many other blogs. Feel free to share your favorites or any tips.

14. Try this self discipline meditation.

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