Diana Cummings knew that NO diet could change why she ate or her core beliefs about herself.  Before starting the Breakthrough M2 diet, she realized that even if she could lose 100lbs her feelings about herself would be the same.  Her feelings were intense. There were days when she felt as if she hated herself. Could self-love be her answer?


Here is a little history of Diana’s struggles that maybe you can also relate to.

The dress she had to wear in high school for a Quinceanera didn’t’ come in her size. She lost weight to fit in the dress, but the weight loss didn’t stick.

After college, she had tried to lose weight with fat burners. The weight did come off, but again, it didn’t stay off. Weighing 160 lbs didn’t make her happy. She still felt fat and insecure. Once more, food became her solace.


A turning point.

She and a co-worker had been discussing some really deep things one day, and Diana had taken her advice and committed to mirror work. Her mirror work involved making eye contact with herself daily and telling herself that she was beautiful and loved.  

This proved to be very challenging. She was very curious about why it was so difficult looking at and acknowledging herself. Despite how uncomfortable it was, she stayed committed to the daily practice of telling herself “I am beautiful.”

This same co-worker also advised her to visualize how she wanted to go through her day. Play out the conversations she wanted to have, including the highlights. Even go as far as thinking about the emotions she wanted to feel before her day even began.  In a short period of time, without losing a pound, people began to notice she existed. The inner awareness work she was doing began to shine through. She realized that she created a space for herself in the world and she gave time and effort at holding that space.  She attended to her feelings, built up her worth and value and it made a difference!

won losing weight

She not only worked on mind and emotions, but she also attended to her spiritual side.  Setting aside time for her spiritual practices was one of her non-negotiables. A prayer she kept close to heart daily was, “God, give me the consistency of heart and change my eating habits.”

 All these new self-love, self-care practices had planted the seeds for Diana to lose weight from a place of love, rather than struggle to lose weight from a place of self-hatred and judgment. It was at this point she felt that it was time to tend to her physical body.  Her new mindset had her ready to shed the weight.

Diana found the diet for her.

self-love equals weight loss

A past classmate in high school shared her results on Facebook. She told Diana that once she was ready, she would be there to help her.

Breakthrough M2’s perspective toward weight loss resonated with Diana. They encourage daily affirmations (saying “I am’s”), setting your intentions for the day, and building up an inner awareness. Just like Diana had used a coach to help her with her business, she utilized the coaching that Breakthrough M2 offers. Doing her self-love practices and daily journal entries have helped her reprogram her mind with her food choices and brought awareness to her food and eating habits.

She discovered that her negative eating habits aligned with many of the same habits that stemmed from her deeply ingrained beliefs. Her goal used to be pleasing others with her actions and words. Now she realizes she counts as a person and chooses to live for herself. She knows she is worth putting effort into and no longer uses food to please herself, but instead uses as fuel.

As she put it,

“People with insecurities make us feel incapable and unworthy with their fear-based beliefs and actions.”

Diana acknowledges how God created us for greatness, and no longer allows her old programmed thoughts to take over.

self love equals weight loss

A new mindset and advice from a winner…


Today, before she eats she asks herself what am I stressed about? Is it finances? Are you tired? Why do you really want to eat that?

To stay motivated on the program, she consistently took measurements every weekend and compared them to the previous week. Or compare her before with her current after picture.

Some days she still feels fat and finds herself feeling like she weighs 280 lbs again, but she reminds herself of truth and quickly turns from that negative thought pattern.


The hardest part was gaining weight during the load days. She knew she had done this before, but gaining weight on purpose was a challenge. But even with that, she decided to do it the way she was supposed to.

weight loss


The support all around her during the diet was overwhelming. Her co-workers wanted to know what was for lunch today. Her sister was celebrating every breakthrough with her.

She found all of the coaching very helpful. It’s powerful having someone beside you who has gone through the very same journey you are going through. “You just know it’s possible to see it through to the other side.“

diana cummings

Here are three tips from Diana if you’re just getting started on your weight loss journey.

  1. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Making time to meal prep will save your mental capacity. You’re probably thinking I don’t have the time. The truth is, we are all able to create time for what is important to us. She made time to prep 3-4 days in advance. It just takes a few minutes to heat her food and she’s not starving or choosing quick fixes.
  2. Keep it simple. She used to love looking at how dishes are prepped on Instagram. She chooses two proteins each week. Instead of plating her meals, she just eats them out of the container. Fewer dishes and less stress.
  3. Affirmations: Started doing these before the program. You must reprogram your brain.


She now gives herself permission to…


Be still.

Staying busy was her crutch; it helped her avoid her thoughts. She realized quiet was when the majority of her negative self – talk and thoughts occurred. Now she knows she has the power to control them. She understands that doing nothing counts as doing something.

Be seen.

Before the diet, Diana felt like people gave her sympathy looks because of her size or avoided eye contact. People who never talked to her before, now talk to her. She’s confident and no longer hiding how amazing she is from the world.

All the new attention is going to take some adjustment.  Now she makes sure everyone around her feels seen. Especially with all the suicide and depression going on in the world, you never know what acknowledging someone can do.

This goes back to the mirror work. Once Diana started holding space for herself, she was ready to hold space for others.

She feels lighter. It was hard work carrying around all that extra weight.

Be confident.

Her biggest breakthrough on this diet is knowing she can do anything she puts her mind to. She is confident that God has a plan for her and everything will align just as it is supposed to.

Everything in life happens for a reason. Choosing to major in music has made the piano a literal instrument for her to help coach her students to find their greatness within. It’s amazing seeing her students gain confidence in a piece of music they thought was impossible at the start.

When asked, what surprised her most about the Breakthrough M2 program she said the weight loss!  It happened quickly. On average, she was losing 1-2lbs a day for the first week. Then 3-4lbs a week. She had found the consistency she was looking for. The motivation began within, but the weight loss was even more motivation for staying on track.

If you would like to find out more about how Diana helps the world please contact her at Diana.m.cummings@gmail.com and follow her on Instagram @ diana___marie