What is the HCG diet?

The HCG diet has been used for over 60 years to help overweight people.

The HCG diet is a very low (500-600) calorie whole food diet combined with the HCG hormone that helps the body use abnormal-toxic fat.   The HCG hormone is a nonsexual, non-gender specific hormone produced during pregnancy.  It is a total of 224 amino acids (proteins) chained together.  This hormone is the catalyst for Dr. Simeons’ entire protocol.  It was first studied on men because Dr. Simeons wanted to remove the female factor completely.  The results that men were getting were nothing short but amazing and even more impressive was the longevity of the weight staying off after the protocol was completed. (By the way men, the HCG diet works twice as fast for you than women – sorry women but that’s the way it goes.)

History of HCG Diet

The HCG diet was pioneered by Dr. ATW Simeons.  In 1954, after 10 -12 years of research and clinical trials, he published his findings in a book he called Pounds and Inches: A New Approach to Obesity

He worked with overweight people for years and was frustrated when people would begin gaining weight back soon after they either loosened the reins on very strict eating habits and/or lessened their exercise regiments – we see that same problem now a days too, don’t we? 

His first AHA moment

The HCG DietOne of his first curiosities was what exactly happens in the body when calories are limited and extra load is put on the body with increased activity.  He soon discovered that the body has 3 fat sources, which he named normal, structural, and abnormal fat. 

He realized that the normal and structural fat clean and edible, and the abnormal fat was toxic and inedible. So, if the body needed energy (fat is the best source of energy – twice as many calories as carbs and proteins) it would use the CLEAN normal reserves first, and if the low cal/high output regiment went on for long periods of time, tap into the clean structural fat after that.

What he soon realized was that if the body ate away at clean edible fat it would have to replace it.  The normal fat reserves are necessary and should always be kept full – this would be just like an emergency fund you might have set up in your budget.  If there was a famine or lack of food, the body had enough capability to sustain itself for quite a few days by eating out of the normal reserves. If the famine went for really long periods of time, then the body would start eating at structural fat which is also necessary.  It helps pack in the organs and is found in very strategic places like your butt and the bottoms of your feet. 

When the body has a depletion of these two fats, it is a signal that you are starving and it will go into replacement mode.  So anything you eat it will be used to replace those two important very necessary fats that are vital to our survival. 

The abnormal fat is not easily or readily used before the other two because it is toxic dirty energy.  And just like any organism, why would it eat dirty energy if it has clean energy?  That is a survival mechanism also.   

How the HCG Diet work?

His second AHA moment

One of things that inspired his second AHA moment toward the development of the HCG diet was the pattern he was seeing with overweight women who became pregnant.  Continually he would see his patients after their pregnancy and they were either the same weight or less!  How could that be?  What he soon discovered was the amazing process the female body goes through in the first trimester to prepare for the baby.

HCG DietWhen the placenta and fetus are forming together, the HCG hormone (only produced during pregnancy) is being produced.  This hormone interacts with the hypothalamus (small portion of the brain at its base) and triggers that part of the brain to rapidly detoxify all the ABMORMAL TOXIC fat!  Can you say morning sickness?? Yup that’s detox.

How cool is that? Not only does the baby have a clean environment to grow up in, but the mother – who needs tons of calories – now has a clean source of fat she can use and she does.  And, by the way, the body is NOT using the 2 necessary fats: normal and structural because it has fat it can use which isn’t needed.  And let’s face it, your jelly belly, muffin top, and thunder thighs are not necessary.  When Dr. Simeons realized that the body actually has the ability to quickly clean unnecessary fat and use that for energy while keeping good fat intact, he knew he was on to something.   

His next step

To test his hypothesis, he used men first.  He wanted to remove the female factor completely to prove that the HCG was effective whether it was in a man’s body or a woman’s body and it was doing what he thought it was doing. 

He originally gave HCG injections (highly concentrated amounts) to his patients and he figured out that the necessary depletion of calories was around 500, which forced the body to use fat storage.  But again, the thing that makes the HCG diet so unique is that it is forcing the body to use fat it does need.  This is why people have weight loss longevity more often with the HCG diet versus all the others.  Let’s face it, back boobs and cankles are not needed nor are they sexy!