Anti-Inflammation Diet A Realistic Plan For Long Term Weightloss

The anti-inflammation diet is a realistic life style plan for healthy eating.  We all need to make changes so we can live a healthier life and teach our children to do the same.  Our usual SAD (Standard American Diet) way of eating has been worked into all facets of our lifestyles and that is why it is so difficult to change.  Our schedules are so busy and eating is usually the last thing to do on our list, so we resort to fast convenient eating or eating out – a lot.  The anti-inflammation diet helps us make better choices when we have to eat out, and it’s easy enough to start eating at home more often.  We need to incorporate lots of good things.

Essential Fatty Acids Needed For Optimum Health

Anti-Inflammation diet and essential fatty acidsLet’s start essential fatty acids.  First, your brain needs them.  Did you know if your cholesterol is to low your brain can’t function?  Did you also know that hormone levels are affected negatively when cholesterol is to low?  Right a level of 160 is considered high.  But studies have shown that “the risk of dying in a group of 1000 patients with heart failure followed for 5 years was 62 % in patients whose cholesterol was below 129 mg/dl. Whereas patients whose cholesterol was over 223 mg./dl had only one half this risk of death.” Dr. Jim Howenstein, MD  We need good healthy high fat in our diets and the best places to start are cold water oily fish, walnuts, flaxseeds, and olive oil.  You can also include omega-3 fatty supplements. But, if fish oil bothers you a terrific omega that works well with most people is Borage oil.  Do not settle for inexpensive supplements, it’s better to pay now than pay later.

Protein Build and Maintains Muscle

Next is protein.  Protein sources help build healthy tissue and muscle.  The only thing is that we can’t just grab a burger and say we had our protein.  We can’t be ignorant about the meat sources in this country.  If you’re going to eat beef it needs to be 100% grass fed.  The poultry you choose needs to be lean and preferably locally raised.  If you can’t get local, make sure you choose free range, no hormones, no antibiotics.  Fish choices should be cold water wild caught. Nuts, quinoa, and legumes are also terrific sources of protein and they help decrease inflammation by balancing blood sugar levels.

Fiber Keeps Things Moving and Keeps You Fuller Longer

Fiber is really important.  Of course fruits and veggies are the best source of fiber.  This is tough for people because fresh local produce is the best, but sometimes hard to come by or too expensive, so they buy canned fruits and veggies which are not nutritious and are high in sodium, preservatives, and sugar.  One the best ways to get in on good local produce is a CSA – Community Sponsored Agriculture.  To find one near you go to  And just so you know, brown rice pasta is a great source of fiber, a terrific brand is Tinkyada.  (Don’t cook it as long as the directions say though, cooking it al dente is best.)

Water Is The Key To Great Health

How to lose weight and drinking waterWater is the key to great health, BUT it must be good clean water.  Drink half your body weight in ounces every day.  Never go below 72 ounces.  That is the minimum amount the body needs to function (make tears, sweat, urine, and kidney function).  Public water is tainted with chlorine, fluoride (calcifies the pineal gland, interferes with thyroid function, and kills good flora in the gut wall) lead, parasites, pharmaceutical medications, and the list goes on.  Purchase a good filter that takes out fluoride, or a Reverse Osmosis machine, which they also sell for the whole house, so you are not showering and bathing in chlorinated water and breathing in that steamy chlorine air. If neither of those are possible, drink spring water, but make sure you can get a water report from the company.  Many bottled water companies use poorly filtered tap water.

If you want to start getting healthy, start with incorporating the above recommendations.  Adding fatty acids will help your metabolism, brain function, support proper hormone balance (which will help with sleep, by the way).  Adding high quality protein will help build lean muscle and increase you’re your energy.  Adding fruits and veggies will decrease sugar and hunger cravings and help you eliminate better.  Adding water will decrease tiredness, decrease instances of headaches, help flush out toxins, and so much more.  Don’t focus on taking anything out of your lifestyle yet.  Once you start adding in the anti-inflammatory recommendations you will slowly start craving better foods and stop wanting un nutritious choices.