Starting his journey at 400 lbs, Timothy is only 10lbs away from his goal of 180lbs. In 2016, Timothy “BigSlim” Perry was diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure. The extra weight was putting a lot of pressure on his spine and he found himself in and out of the chiropractor.

Haunted by his fear of death, he knew this was not how his life ended. As Timothy said, “Not me, I refuse to live like that. I’m in my 30’s. I’m too young to rely on medications to live from day to day. I don’t want anyone to take care of me.” He was ready to tear down the wall he created with food. Food had always been his therapist, but it wasn’t curing his depression. He began implementing a healthy diet and went to the park to exercise.  After one minute of walking, he struggled to catch his breath and he gave up.

Once spring rolled around, Timothy was ready to give his journey another shot, but this time he focused on small achievable goals. He focused on simply making it through one month. “Once you see results, once the scale is going down you become hooked. It’s like the cliffhanger in a good book. I have to see what will happen next. I have to see how I will feel.”  

He had a deep desire to inspire people, plus it kept him accountable logging his journey on Facebook. There wasn’t one day from May 1st of 2017 he wasn’t eating healthy or exercising daily. No more living for what he will eat today and how much he will eat. He drastically cut down his 7,000 calories a day lifestyle to 1,500 calories a day. Before his new lifestyle change, he was stopping at three restaurants for breakfast, three drive-thru restaurants for lunch and three drive-thru restaurants for dinner. Now he was choosing food in line with his goals.  

Staying on track…

It took the strength of God and his tenacious strength within to remain unyielding even when people told him how “people in the south don’t diet”, or “you’re too big to diet.” Today when Timothy looks in the mirror he sees a man who once couldn’t walk a minute in the park and now he’s going to the gym every day chasing his goals.

Now when he looks at old photographs he can’t believe how big he was and he is in awe of how far he has come. Proclaiming he has manifested a life that is just as good as his dreams.

Timothy used visualization to create his triumphs. Upon seeing his results he began to picture how he desired to appear and feel. Dreaming big, he envisioned sharing his success on television, in the newspaper, and the internet. His daydreams have become a reality. Yes, he has been in the paper and on television. He has even spoken at a college. A hospital even asked him to speak about how you can turn your health around.  

It’s not just a body transformation…

Metamorphosis is the word Tim uses to describe his journey. “This person I am was always inside of me. He was covered by layers of hate, depression, guilt, loneliness, and not feeling accepted. I covered him with food and self-pity…. I used to think life didn’t treat me right. We can play the victim card- I played that role to the point where enough was enough…You can live life and enjoy life.” Tim always felt other people were in his way and holding him back. Today, he knows he was the one holding himself back from change. “You can find yourself. You can find fault in everyone, but it’s you holding yourself back.”Now he gives himself permission to live the life he has always dreamed. “I thought I knew myself… I learned who I am. I stopped trying to fit in.” He always believed he needed to do whatever it took to not be outcast from the crew he hung out with. Sacrificing yourself for acceptance is no longer Timothy’s motto. With some introspection on this two-year journey, he found acceptance within. In his reflection, he sees the enhanced, upgraded version of Timothy Perry. Impressed with his own trek overcoming people who opposed him. Not only that, he sees a man whose rite of passage not only changed his life but the lives of those in his community. He’s been a refuge for suicidal overweight teens battling self-hate. The church-goers in his congregation are inspired to play an active role in their healthcare after seeing his journey before their eyes; he’s the keyboard player. People in his city are losing weight after he spoke at a wellness event.

Sharing his experience and people connecting with his struggles and successes broke him out of his shell. No more hiding behind his shy demeanor. Tim, before he lost the weight, would never speak in front of people, but he had a new attitude he credits sharing his journey on Facebook with. He was willing to give it a shot and found he loved it. Good News Ministry, his uncle’s church, was mesmerized by his inspiring story.

A major weight loss change for him has been putting clothes on. He no longer has to lay on his bed to squeeze into his pants. The clothes in his closet are clothes he never before saw himself wearing. Now he skips having to try things on and shops right off the store rack. He only buys clothes he wants now, not just what fits him. Shopping has become enjoyable.

Now he finds himself prioritizing cleaning at home. His energy is sky high. He used to go home and just go to bed. He has no more issues bending over to tie his shoes. His nephew is having a blast running around the house with him. Before, Tim struggled to breathe just going down the stairs. Not anymore!

Tips from Timothy

If you’re just starting your weight loss journey, here’s Tim’s wise words of advice: “Do not listen to the negative people. People will make you doubt yourself. Follow your heart and mind. If you feel uncertain, don’t be afraid to reach out to others for advice. People will judge you but do it anyways. The people judging you will be the very same people giving you applause after. Be supportive of yourself. Don’t give up on yourself. Have a daily attitude of gratitude.

Timothy’s journey reminds us that sometimes we have to go through hard times to appreciate our blessings. Also, the problems may be outside of us, but we can find the solutions within when we learn to love ourselves. Remember, to give yourself permission to live your best life.