I’m sure you’ve learned to measure by a handful or comparing your food to the size of your fist. It’s easy to eat a larger portion by mistake unless you are measuring with accuracy. Accurate portions are important for your diet. Kitchen scales not only help with portioning, here are other reasons you should add a kitchen scale to your kitchen.


Say goodbye to your measuring cups, tablespoons, and teaspoons!

When you own a kitchen scale all you need is the scale, a bowl, and all your ingredients. That’s fewer dishes than you normally would have while cooking! Plus if the recipe calls for anything sticky like honey you won’t have to clean it from your measuring cup and the bowl after.


Know Exact Amount You Need Before Dicing.

Rather than cutting up vegetables and adding it to a measuring cup, you are able to weigh the vegetable on a scale, before dicing and dice exactly the amount you need.


Take the Mystery Out of Measuring in Ounces or Pounds for a Recipe.

It’s interesting we sell our food in pounds and ounces, but our recipes ask us to measure in cups, teaspoons, and tablespoons rather than weigh our ingredients. Kitchen scales allow you to change settings between lbs and oz.


Measuring cups, tablespoons, and teaspoons give a false measurement.

If you took the weight of vegetables, herbs, spices, nuts, eggs, fruits, yeasts, meat, flour or any other non-liquid substance while it is in a measuring cup you would find the weight fluctuates and is inaccurate. You can easily find yourself adding way too little or too much to your recipes and taste a difference or see a difference in the recipes consistency.


Portions can look different but be the same size.

It’s common for people to think their steak is a different weight when it looks different than everyone else’s in a restaurant, but restaurant kitchens prep their food by weight. I’ve had my share of disagreements from customers of her steak is bigger than mine based off of what a steak looks like, but as you can see here steaks can have a different cut but be the same weight.



A kitchen scale can prevent you from overeating.

You can make sure your portions for the week are even too when you prep your meals.

Using a digital kitchen scale is easy.

There’s a button called the tare/zero. Every time you add an ingredient you are able to zero out the scale and measure only the next ingredient you are pouring in. Easy math! The scale subtracts the bowl for you already!


High Tech Scales Cater to Special Diets.

If you have special diet needs, like diabetes, food scales also allow you to calculate carbohydrates. Vegans and vegetarians are able to prevent nutritional deficiencies on a kitchen scale. The scale measures the right amount of protein.


Easy Storage.

They’re small and compact.


Finding the Right Kitchen Scale

It’s important to read kitchen scale reviews before purchasing one. Not all scales are made the same. Some are more difficult to use than is necessary. If you can’t figure out how to zero out or change from ounces to pounds with ease it might not be the right scale for you.

What to ask when looking for the right scale:

  • Does it have the right specs?
  • Is it well designed?
  • Is it a good value?
  • Is it easy to contact for support?

The top 3 kitchen scales of 2018 best on Amazon’s Best Reviews Youtube Channel. These top 3 scales a based-on accuracy. Amazon tested if they could place items on different parts of the scale and still have the same measurement. For a simple digital scale check out these inexpensive options.


#3 AMIR 500g/ 0.01g.

This scale features a backlight display, auto off in one minute, large platform, two clear bowls, tare range, auto calibration, and is powered by 2 AAA batteries.


#2 Nourish Kitchen Scale.

Has precision weighing centers. You can utilize four units of measure. This scale is easy to clean the touch buttons on this scale. It’s well designed with a 6×6 weighing surface and it doesn’t take up much space in your kitchen. It’s easy to store away. Made at a fair price. Lifetime support. When you purchase this scale a portion of the profit goes to the Global Orphan Project.


#1 Etekcity

Digital Kitchen Scale- Model: EK6015- This stainless-steel scale is slim, compact, and easy to store away after every day use. It’s powered by 2 AAA batteries. The maximum weight capacity is 11 lbs. The scale features only two buttons for simplified operation. Measures in ounces, pounds, milliliters and grams.

Looking for something more high tech? Here are the top options from CalorieBee.


These scales are amazing, but if you’re looking for a scale capable of storing your food statistics each meal,  check out the Vitamix Perfect Blend Smart Scale, Drop Scale, and IDAODAN Digital Kitchen Scale. Many smart scales allow you to connect to your FitBit.


Vitamix Perfect Blend Smart Scale Features:

  • Takes the math out of meal planning for 1 to 15 people.
  • Assists with your shopping list with a calorie counter, calculate carbs and fat.
  • Walks you through recipes.
  • Built-in timer
  • Scale connects to your favorite fitness apps.
  • Their app includes food sensitivities/preferences and predesigned meal plans.


The Drop Scale

  • App allows you to use recipes online
  • Recipes included on the app.
  • Easy to adapt serving size scaling.
  • Visual guide to meal prep.


IDAODAN Digital Kitchen Food Scale

  • Can measure ingredients and servings to .1 gram.
  • Wilress Bluetooth
  • Connects to all smartphones
  • The smart scale gives you macronutrients for up to 9000 foods.
  • Large LCD display
  • Helps to achieve your health and fitness goals.
  • Instantly share with friends and family.