How’s your 2018 resolution to stop gaining weight going? Like many you may have found your weight loss journey a difficult one. Perhaps it’s time to refocus your goal. According to Marshawn Evans resolutions concentrate too much on the negativity caused by our regrets. We need to refocus our minds on what we really want – health. Evans appeared on ABC News in 2015 discussing the topic of not concentrating on resolutions for the new year, but simply centering on refocusing our lives.  She brought examples of vision boards she used and gave a great lesson on how to create your own.

If you’ve seen “The Secret” you remember John Assaraf’s story of how he was working at home when his son started to distract him by kicking boxes. He asked his son kindly to stop kicking the boxes. His son asked what was in the boxes. Assaraf told him his vision boards were. His son wanted to know what vision boards are so he took one out and quickly realized his new home was the house in the picture. Visualization is used by so many great minds to achieve success.

Making Your Vision Board

Feel-Good Music

Before you start cutting out pictures and pasting your goals to a board it’s important to set your intentions. What music inspires you or makes you feel good? Play those songs. If you’re not sure what to play go to Pandora and type in “happiest tunes on earth,” or try Mumford and Son or Soca. Or check out this recommended list from

Top 15 Pandora Stations That Will Uplift and Calm Any Mood or Day


Know What You Want in 5 Areas

Now focus on who you want to become. Evans advises there are 5 areas we should focus our boards on. These areas are love, self, health, wealth, and overall life.

Once you figure out the regions of concentration let’s say affirmations about each area. Evans suggest for health: I am healthy. Or if you want to be happy and not sad: I am vibrant.

Find Pictures and Words

Find images that speak to you. You’ll need magazines. You can get them from a store or see if anyone is looking to get rid of their magazines (i.e. doctors office or dentist). For my board, I wanted to make sure I found the exact images I wanted. I went to google and searched for images. If I couldn’t find them I got creative and photoshopped them.


You’re not just looking for pictures of what you want, but quotes. Look for words that describe how you want to feel or who you want to be. Any great minds inspire you? Here are some weight loss quotes I love. You might even consider using funny weight loss quotes to change your emotional state about weight loss.

Inspirational weight loss quotes:

Some other ideas are adding a picture of yourself and adding a clock. The clock will remind you to value your time and focus it on your goal.

Where to Display Your Vision Board

Place your board somewhere where you can see it every day. Your bedroom or office are great spots. Steve Harvey takes a picture of his board and has it as the background of his phone and laptop. Beyoncé has an image in front of her treadmill to remind her she wants to win an academy award someday. Arnold Schwarzenegger had his vision board in his room.

When I was a waitress I used to keep my vision board in my checkbook with all my cash. It’s easy to lose focus as a waitress. When it’s really busy your coworkers can be just as cruel as the customers, but you can’t let their attitudes change yours. Having a positive attitude can lead to better tips. I kept a picture of the car I wanted in my checkbook and my long-distance boyfriend I was saving to visit. Within three months I had enough to purchase the car and not too long later I was in Florida seeing my boyfriend. It is so easy to lose focus and let your emotions control you. If work isn’t a happy area find somewhere at work to keep your vision board visible.

As Evans says, “If you can see it you can be it.” Take time each day to look at your vision board and recite those affirmations you came up with.

If you’re trying to figure out what areas in your life to work on I suggest printing out this circle. Place a dot closest to the outside of the circle for each area you feel 100% you don’t need to work on. Place a dot closest to the center of the circle for areas you need to improve your life.

Vision Board Examples

Here are some examples of vision boards. Don’t forget to look for motivational quotes for weight loss boards.





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