It is with unwavering faith and confidence in our pending weight loss results that makes reaching our goal possible. Do you see yourself succeeding on this weight loss journey? Or do you constantly find yourself doubting you will be able to lose the weight this time?

I want you to picture yourself going to a party and it is dessert time. People keep asking if you want a slice of cake. What do you say? Most of us would say I CAN’T I’m on a diet. Can’t is a negative word. You’re thinking of your diet as a limitation rather than a positive life change if you’re using this language. Instead, you should say “No thank you I’m making healthier choices or I’m choosing to not have cake because I’m making healthier choices.

How did you feel? Overwhelmed? Now let’s do a positive visualization.

Weight loss inspirations

I want you to close your eyes. “I want to take this time to congratulate you on completing your diet. You look amazing. You are trim, toned, healthy, and happy. How does it feel? How has your life changed?” I want you to write down what it feels like to know you achieved your goal.

What was that exercise like? Did you notice I never once said lost or lose weight? Saying you want to lose weight is not a positive affirmation. Are we ever happy to have lost something? We have to replace it with a positive affirmation. It’s far better to think “My body is getting stronger, slimmer, and healthier every day.”

When we set goals it’s important we feel positive about them.

What if I told you studies show people on a diet who use guided meditation and visualization, lose 2x the weight compared to those who are just doing the diet?

A great visual you can use for weight loss is a picture of the scale reading the number you want to see. Or you can even use the app Spring to create an after picture of what you want to look like and keep using it. Are you looking to weigh what you used to? Have an old outfit? Put it out and keep looking at it and remembering what it felt like to wear that outfit.

What number do you want to see on this scale? Print it out and write the number or if you know how to use photoshop insert the number in before printing. Place it somewhere you can see it everyday


I remember in 2007 popular culture was obsessed with the book and film “The Secret.” Everyone knew what the law of attraction was. Great people like Oprah, Thomas Edison, Abraham Lincoln, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Will Smith, Muhammad Ali, Jim Carrey, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and so many others used affirmations and visualizations to achieve their success. The main principle of “The Secret” is what you think about you bring about.

Affirmations were used as far back as biblical times and by the Buddhist monks, but they were called mantras. The “I am” statements we use today originate from the Old Testament. We learned God’s name is “I am.” Let’s create some “I am” statements for you to use on your weight loss journey. You might be saying I don’t know what I am. We’re going to take from “The Secret.” I want you to write ten things you are thankful for.

If you wrote people on that list I want you to know you are loved. Look at everything else on that list. Did you put food, a place to live, heat, or air conditioning? You can say I am wealthy or I am nourished or fortunate. We can make these into motivational quotes for losing weight, like: I am losing weight every day. Here are some great weight loss motivation quotes. If you’re struggling with creating “I am’s” or mantras.

Now let’s think of goals you have. As I wrote in a previous article we are going to do this without limitations. What do you want in your life if nothing was impossible? Jim Carrey was a homeless comedian going from club to club doing impersonations on stage. He lived in his car. He wrote himself a check for $10 million dollars and looked at it every day. We all know who Jim Carrey is now. What do you really want? Beyond weight loss. People regain the weight because they lose sight of other areas in their life that really need improvement. Are your relationships suffering around you? Do you need a new job to keep your sanity? Do you keep thinking you can’t go back to school? What do you really want? Stop thinking “I can’t.” I want you to picture having what you desire because I know you can have it. If you can picture it you can have it.


Starting today I challenge you to keep track of every negative thought and change it to a positive. Even the negative thoughts unrelated to weight loss can impede your journey. All it takes is one bad thought to lead to one bad day and if you see food as comfort then it’s easy to fall off the bandwagon. At weightlossinspirations we want to see you succeed! Let us know what your “I am statement” is and personal mantra. You can create your weight loss journey! Start creating your inspirational weight loss quotes with “I am’s” and visualization.


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