Meet Melissa and Her Weight Loss Success Story

Melissa Salerno is a mom of three boys. Meal prep wasn’t an option for her busy schedule, but it didn’t stop her from losing 57 pounds in a little over 4 months.  She never felt overweight, but when she looks at photographs, she cannot believe that was her. Now when she looks in the mirror, her jaw drops in disbelief that the healthy, skinny woman in the mirror is her. Amazed, she has to do a double take.

When she looks at her before picture, it bothers her because she never saw herself as that big. Her perception feels off. She carried the weight really well with her confidence because no one else seemed to realize she needed to lose weight. Over ten years she had put the weight on gradually between the stresses of life and three pregnancies.

Melissa's story


Before she walked through the doors of the Breakthrough M2 weekly seminar, she was dead set on starting. This summer she was not going to gain any more weight. She had never dieted in her life, just tried to watch what she was eating without a plan set in place. Breakthrough M2 gave her a plan with success written all over it.

CEO Nan DeGroat, of Breakthrough M2, said something at the seminar that changed the way Melissa looked at food.

“Pasta is just a sauce catcher, and we can simply use something else like broccoli in place of pasta.”

Melissa is Italian. She was concerned about getting through Sunday dinner. For once in a long time, she felt in control of her eating habits. Her perspective of food changed from “food is for feeding my emotional state to food is for nourishment.”

Watching the scale inching closer and closer to her goal kept her motivated daily.

Cooking her meals was a form of meditation for her, it was the start of her putting herself first again. She was making something just for herself and this meant the world to her. Moms understand this.  There are so many times they can go through a whole day and completely forget about doing something for themselves. Giving herself permission to have more independence led to her kids starting to take responsibility for their own meals. It took time, but she gradually let go of the idea that doing something for herself was selfish. Even today, the kids and her husband eat what they want to eat while she preps her own meals.

In October, her office team’s theme for Halloween was superheroes. She couldn’t find a Wonder Woman shirt in her size. Desperate, she tried the Junior section. The only size left on the hanger was Medium. It was really important to her she wore the costume, so she gave it a shot. She was in complete awe when the size medium shirt fits perfectly. Now clothes shopping is difficult because she needs smaller sizes that aren’t always easy to find.

weight loss success story

Facing Challenges Head-on

The biggest challenge for her on the diet was the water intake.

To anyone starting out, Melissa advises new team members to come up with a menu for the week, it keeps you from deviating. Prioritize yourself. Sleep is a huge component of weight loss. Stop watching television before bed or looking at your phone. Your body needs rest. Melissa started taking charge of her sleep during the summer. She is in bed by 9:30 pm and it makes all the difference.

weight loss success story

Surprises and AHA moments

Because of Melissa’s strength, a plethora of people she knows and doesn’t know are finding the strength within themselves to change their lives. It’s hard for her to picture herself as a role model and an inspiration, but she is and will continue to be. Another thing that surprised her about the diet was she was not starving like she thought she would be. She discovered she had more willpower than she had ever known.

When we have the courage to help ourselves, we light the way for others to do the same. Melissa is a trailblazer. As Melissa puts it,

I’m doing something for me and changing the lives of others at the same time (inspiring them).”

Melissa S