Our first inspiring weight loss story is from one of the strongest women I know, Coach G. 7 years ago her health journey began when her husband, a military veteran, took his life. Devastated, she found herself on 13 different medications, suicidal, fighting alcohol abuse, gaining weight, had cancer, but not losing the motivation to live her best life. She now coaches others to live up to their highest potential with her 70-90 day coaching program. After all, it takes between 70-90 days to create a habit. So let’s get some weight loss success tips! Meet Coach G. Coach G's weight loss success tips

Weight Loss Inspirations: How do you start your day?

Coach G: Smoothie, vitamins, water and positive motivation quotes. 

WLI: Was there a light bulb moment where you went, “I need to lose the weight and get my health in order?” 

CG: My weight never seemed to fall off. Despite exercising and eating well. For a year it remained unchanged and I’d cry a lot and beat myself up. Come to find out it was the medication I was on for my cystic acne. I decided to stop focusing on the scale and to start eating for energy and health and exercising not for weight loss but for strength. Just that simple mindset shift helped me see things differently. I later learned dairy was causing my acne and I got off it (and my medications) and finally lost weight at a healthy pace…maintained today through my healthy lifestyle. 

WLI: Although you went through so much pain after losing your husband, you had so much motivation to pull yourself out of it and live your best life. Where do you pull this strength from?

CG: I’ve had shrinks ask me. I like your inquisitive mind. All I can say is my higher self, which is given to me by God.

Coach G's weight loss success tips

WLI : Plateaus are part of life. We all hate this word. How did you deal with plateaus?

CG: I understand a plateau is my body adapting to whatever my routine is and a clue to switch things up. Weight Loss isn’t a steady downward spiral. Sometimes it goes up a bit, drops down, and levels out before the next drop.

WLI: I love your wording- this is not a diet, it’s lasting change. Why do you think diet results don’t last? 

CG: Diets are based on deprivation…What you “can’t have.” It always fails because it’s not pleasurable to the brain and causes pain, leading to a sabotage, I like to focus on what you DO get to eat, and create a sustainable healthy habit that lasts.

Coach G's weight loss success tips

WLI: How did you get through binge eating, giving up sugar, and processed foods? Sugar is so addicting and so is processed foods. It’s not enough to say I’ll stop that today. What new mindset, behavior did you have to work on to successfully change your lifestyle?

CG: Once I understood that sugar cravings are really the body needing energy, I learned what foods are the best for energy. Protein is a VERY important nutrient and was my key to breaking the sugar addiction. The binge eating and starving myself behavior was linked to my poor body image and my attempts to control myself when I felt out of control in my life. I learned how my body feels too full, and early hunger cues so I could stop this health crashing habit. Today I am free from it.

WLI: What helped you the most to work through your body image issues? When did you truly start to feel you loved yourself?

CG: I started loving myself after I started to accept my shape and my size. If I was healthy that’s all that mattered. I also looked in the mirror naked and started thanking myself in the fat areas because I learned fat protects us from toxins we put in our body, I started thanking myself and stopped insulting myself. I also would say I’m valuable and enough just the way I am.

WLI:  When did you know you won the battle with the scale?

CG: My first scale victory was after I did a food elimination program. It removes allergenic type foods and you can slowly reintroduce them in to see if you have a reaction. Sure enough cheese and gluten were hurting me and I dropped 10 pounds in 7 days. I realized that giving my liver a break after beating it up with alcohol and 13 meds it was the first step to weight loss. I teach Love your Liver sessions that are fun.

WLI: What do you think is the secret to maintaining your dream weight once you’ve lost the pounds?

CGThe secret is to plan out what you’re going to eat each week so you create inevitable success. I also journal daily my foods and goals and what’s well or not. Keep me accountable and focused.

Coach G's weight loss success tips.WLI: What a-ha moment did you have that made you realize coaching was your passion?

CGMy Aha was when to my surprise my program worked and people were experiencing results of improved health, lower A1C readings, Drs asking my clients what’s going on. They were impressed, I’ve helped thyroid issues, diabetes, high cholesterol and high BP all through my 90-day program, but most importantly, I saw my clients transform and their self-esteem improving and really learning to love their amazing unique body!

WLI: Lots of people every year wait until New Year’s Eve to make a change. They have all the excuses in the world to not make now the moment or tomorrow. What helps you to continue on even if your day wasn’t perfect?

CG: The New Year’s Resolution is a joke. Creating a real action plan and goals and sticking to it requires a plan, support and accountability, all which I provide my clients. If my day isn’t perfect, I say oh well tomorrow’s a new day and I’m determined to get back on the horse. You have to set yourself up for inevitable success by creating a menu and grocery list and know exactly what to eat the next day to create success.

WLI: Who inspires you?

CG: Anyone who has been down and overcame adversity. Rags to riches type people.


Coach G's weight loss success tips

To learn more about Coach G. Here’s a link to her website and Facebook.

You’ll find a window on her website to setup a call and make a plan for your success with this inspirational warrior.