Losing and regaining weight is a never-ending pattern some of us fall into. We keep thinking if I just could keep it off then I would be happy. The truth is the weight isn’t the only thing we need to lose. We need to lose how we think. If your body isn’t the way you want it. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out neither is your life. What it means to love God with all your heart and your neighbor as yourself is essential to loving yourself. All your heart means your mind. What do you think about yourself and everything else? Is your mind polluted?

We’ve all heard we can’t love others until we love ourselves. Self-love is essential to successful weight loss.

An interesting point I heard recently during a sermon is if we don’t love ourselves and forgive ourselves for when things go wrong in our lives, of course, we don’t have the capacity to forgive others. Inner resentment becomes outer resentment. If we’re holding on to so many reasons we hate ourselves then we won’t have room to live the life we want.

Research has shown yoga is a great way to keep weight off and to grow mentally into your body as you lose the weight. Yoga is the holy trinity of mind, body and spirit all in one. People who practice yoga all year at most gain 5lbs (in a year!). So let’s lose weight and lose those old mindsets that no longer suite our new life!


How does a daily yoga practice help increase your confidence?

  1. What’s the body language of a confident person? They stand tall and have their head held high. Yoga has us concentrate on standing tall as if a string is pulling us up to stand taller than we have before. Our body language doesn’t only speak to others around us but to ourselves. Standing tall convinces us we feel secure.
  2. Yoga has us focused on our chest being held high. Quit hunching over and push your shoulders back. In yogi philosophy, having our chest out is open to receiving from the world. It’s the idea that our hearts are open. In order to solve issues and let go of concerns, we must be open new ways and ideas. Plus moving our shoulders back puts them in alignment with our body and prevents shoulder pain from stress.
  3. As we stand as tall as we can in postures we find ourselves gazing forward and focusing on what’s ahead. Sometimes we pick a point to focus on. In life, we can apply this- always look forward to what is to come. If we have our heads held high and heart open no matter what comes we are ready to receive. The plus side, if something negative does happen we trick our mind with our body language and we feel calm and ready to handle the situation.
  4. Slow at ease motions before the start of our day can set the pace. When we don’t feel rushed and under pressure, we are able to make better decisions. A hectic morning can be dragged throughout your day. Start right!
  5. We learn to listen to our bodies and do more of what feels good. The reason there is so much disease in this world is we push ourselves beyond what feels comfortable. Yoga and life wants us to be where we can breathe. If you find yourself short of breath ask yourself if you are doing too much or too little somewhere in your life as you bring back the breath.


Practicing yoga helps you listen to your body

Do we hear what our bodies need when we are ill? Do we do what feels good when met with disease? Do we let ourselves rest when we need to?

Medications mask the pain we need to tend to and listen to. If you can manage where you are then you can take on more and go deeper into the stretch in yoga or life. When we try to juggle too many things we sabotage ourselves.

  1. Have a moment in your day where you are only concerned with your own happiness and comfort. Regular practice of listening to where we are at and what feels good can heal our people pleasing need.
  2. So many people think yoga is about pushing the stretch and forcing ourselves to balance. As in life, don’t overstretch yourself it creates tension in the body when you overstretch yourself mentally and physically.
  3. No matter what you do you can benefit from being present. Yoga teaches us to release stress in the body. Start your day renewed. End your day letting go of the day’s tensions.
  4. Yoga shows us the importance of having a safe place for error.
  5. Yoga teaches the tools to a continuous energy flow.
  6. We learn the importance of being rooted and building a strong foundation to create balance.
  7. We care too often what people think. Yoga helps us practice asking how we are doing and what we need.


Feature image via yogabasics.com