Why should we eat?


Physically speaking, the only reason we should eat is to give the body nutrition.  “The biological reason for eating is to supply your cells with the nutrients they need on a daily basis.” (Pg 137 Never get sick again). Everything we eat affects us and our health both for the current day and our future.  You already know that food affects your mood, behavior, and physical body, so knowing that, the food choices we make should be supportive and bring energy. Our bodies will serve us well if we take care of them, and I think that the way a typical American uses their body shows that our cultural perspective about the relationship between body-mind-spirit is out of order and balance.


Could the following narrative be yours?


I am realizing now how backwards I have been. I have not been treating my body respectfully or supplying it with the fuel it needs.  I’ve been treating my body with contempt by forcing it to keep going no matter what the situation or sign it might be giving me.

Why should we eat?

I don’t give it nutrients, yet I force it to get up and move through a hectic day.  I don’t feed it amazing food and supplements to energize and super charge my cells so they can explode with growth into healthy new cells and keep me going.  But, I will go out to eat all the time, pay no mind to how they are cooking my food or what is being done to it before I put it into my body.  Sometimes, I eat fast food made with the cheapest meat, dead vegetables, starchy carbs, trans-fat, and fried foods that cause inflammation and heart burn.  But that’s ok because then I take antacids to help relieve my discomfort. It doesn’t change the fact that my body is overwhelmed with toxins and inflammation, as long as I can’t feel it due the pills I took – all is well.


Most of the time I add way too much to my schedule (not to mention my kids’ schedules) and my head is constantly multitasking going back and forth trying to finish goals and get to three places at once.  Meanwhile my adrenal glands are over worked which affects my thyroid.  Cortisol is building up due to stress and my belly and intestinal wall are suffering because of it. The stress in my life puts extra strain on my heart and pancreas, and sometimes I can’t eliminate properly because of all this either. But that’s ok too, because I’ll take laxatives.

Why should we eat?

Any emotional or stressful events are being buried or not handled properly. These energetically negative emotions end up being stuck in my organs and muscle tissue, which then manifest themselves into physical aches, pains, and symptoms that I take more pills for.  I don’t listen to my body nor do I go to someone who knows how the body actually responds to mind-spirit stimulation (both positive and negative). Exercise would help my body and stress levels, but I don’t exercise enough or at high enough intensity levels that build my body so it can’t keep up with my lifestyle and help remove that stress from muscle tissue.  I’m too tired at the end of the day, so instead, I’ll grab a glass of wine so I don’t have to think of about the day.


What about my sleep? I don’t give it rest, so then I drink coffee to artificially force it to move at higher speeds that it can naturally do.  I go to bed late, and get up early.   My body needs 7-9 hours of sleep as an adult.  I might get five. My circadian rhythm needs to be kept intact so my organs can go through their nightly ritual of cleaning, burning the most calories, and reenergizing.  Instead, I am interfering with that process.


And let’s not forget about how I don’t drink enough water.  My body needs at least 72 ounces just to function properly, and I’m lucky if I get 40. I get a headache due to dehydration, but I don’t listen to my body’s signal, I take an aspirin.

Why should we eat?

Okay, stop the insanity! Do we have it all backwards? Do you see how we are expecting so much out of the body that God gave us and yet we treat it with so much disdain! We need to start with what is most important. It’s not our job, our schedules, our purpose in life, our business, helping the sick, the poor, volunteering, etc., etc. Taking care of our body has to be top priority if life’s challenges and opportunities are going to be met and accomplished. We need to give it good air, clean water, nutritious food, top quality supplements, proper exercise, regular methods of cleansing and detox, good sleep, emotional support, time with loved ones, and do not discount a spiritual connection. Our bodies will not serve us well if we don’t take care of them.  The body-mind-spirit relationship needs to be re-examined.  Our budget needs to reflect a healthy eating plan.  Our mealtimes and shopping lists need to reflect good whole food nutrition which will flow into healthy cells which can then teem with energy!  Our schedule needs to include exactly what our body needs. Time built in for activities that include spiritual time, family time, detox, and fun sweaty activity.


We cannot accomplish all that we would like in personal growth, with our family, at our job, in our business, keep our schedules, live our “purpose” in life, help the sick, the poor, and volunteer if our body is not being taken care of and the body-mind-spirit relationship is not being respected.


First, simplify and then prioritize what is most important. Fuel your body with what it needs so you can live a long healthy productive life without the health issues that are so prominent from typical American lifestyle.  If you change your perspective about where your body’s needs are on your list of priorities, you will not only change your health but also meet those goals and opportunities being so much happier and pain free.