Yoga is more than having amazing balance or being flexible. The challenging poses you learn represent the challenges of life. Every time you learn a pose the focus is the breath because no matter what life throws at us if we can breathe we can trick our body into believing we are confident and in control of any situation. Yoga has taught me when I’m tensed to analyze where do I hold my pain? I’ve discovered when it feels like the world is truly upon my shoulders there are small simple stretches I can do to loosen up my neck and shoulders. It’s not always about large flexible, balance on your head or one leg poses. Yoga can be used as a remedy for digestion, migraines, anxiety and stress, scoliosis, menopause symptoms, sciatica, back pain, menstrual cramps, to lose weight, and the list goes on and on. If you’ve gone through surgery and you’re looking to strengthen a muscle there are so many yoga concentrated workouts you can use. Yoga can even be used to strengthen the lower back after childbirth. There’s even yoga for people who sit all day at their 9 to 5 job. The sedentary life is so damaging to our back and hips. Humans were meant to be active. After all, we used to be hunters and gatherers. Now we have so much easy access to food, and most of it isn’t good for us, so we just sit around and eat and gain weight. When we were hunter gatherers foods high in sugar were rare, and when we put on fat it was to help us survive through winter or any other time that food was hard to find. Finding food is no longer an issue.

You may be thinking don’t you need a doctor, drugs or surgery to relieve pain? Majority of the pain we hold in our body is attached to our emotions. These emotions we hold onto become stress in our bodies and manifest as illness. A negative thought can destroy our health.

Unlike simply dieting, changing the way you eat and losing the weight, what I love about yoga is you lose the mindset that caused you to gain weight. Yoga forces you to have self-awareness. In the silence, we come face to face with who we are and why we behave the way we do. This last practice I had an epiphany, sometimes you realize the way you treat your parents is because that is how they showed you they treat their own parents. Life just seems to come full circle on the yoga mat.

If you’re looking to lose weight doing yoga it’s important to not only add yoga to your life, but find a healthy meal plan that works for you. As you do yoga you’ll learn how the food you eat makes you feel because yoga makes you more aware of your body and how you feel.

You can take a yoga near me class or do yoga from home. There are so many great teachers online. A few of my favorites are Yoga with Adriene and PsycheTruth yoga with Julia. If you just want to get your feet wet and see if this is for you Adriene has a yoga series you can do for 30 days and see what you think. Another favorite is MTV’s Power Yoga series with Kristin McGee. The yoga poses are challenging and I promise you will break a sweat! As with any workout, as it gets easier you should try something new so you continue to burn fat. The human body was made to adapt, but once we adopt the workout is no longer productive.

If you’re looking for yoga for everything check out Adriene’s videos. She has everything from yoga for musicians to service industry to digestion to confidence to self-doubt and self-discipline.

There are 3 types of yoga that are best for weight loss. They are Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Power Yoga. Any class in one of these styles typically last about 90 minutes. That’s plenty of cardio! You want to feel your heartrate increase.

It’s not uncommon to look at yoga and go, “That’s so easy. How can you lose weight? I’m not even breaking a sweat watching it?” The first time you try yoga you will understand how difficult yoga is. I’ve seen men sweat more doing yoga than lifting weights. The difference between the two is you leave more mentally sound after yoga. Feeling mentally rested and ready for bed is a rarity in physical exercise.

Yoga teaches us to relate to our body in a healthy way. We begin to connect our emotions and our behaviors. Before you may have dived into a plate of fries or bowl of ice cream as an award or way to deal with stress, but now you reward yourself with the inner peace of yoga and relief from stress. There’s poses you can do to help curb your appetite. Before you dive into your favorite treat for living through an awful day try some yoga. Avoid adding unwanted pounds and gain some insight.

Definitely check out Adriene’s practice! She asks the question: do you want a great body? I love her response. That requires a sound mind! She has great yoga for beginners videos to get you started.

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